Mes Tableaux au prochain Salon Spectrum à Miami

Come and share my dream : Exhibit my paintings in next Spectrum Miami Art Show.

Project visual Mes Tableaux au prochain Salon Spectrum à Miami
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Mes Tableaux au prochain Salon Spectrum à Miami






Spectrum Miami Art Show“ is one of the most important Art Fairs in the world. It happens each year at the beginning of December during the Miami’s wildly popular Art Week.

It draws more than 25 000 Art lovers and collectors from all the world.The important gallery owners, artist agents and art dealers choose there the artists they want to promote.


8 years after having a new start in painting and daring exhibiting my work, I feel that to continue to progress, I absolutely need to exhibit my works in a great international Art Show and face the look of world’s art professionals. That’s why I have choosen the “Spectrum Miami Art Show“.


My paintings are accepted to be hanged on the MECENAVIE’s stand this year. MECENAVIE is a french organisation that presents each year some artists’ works at “Spectrum Miami Art Show“. So the expensive fees for the stand are shared between these artists. MECENAVIE’s team manages communication and contacts on the stand. So I don’t need to stay there during the show.


To take part well in this show needs :

to present enough paintings to be easily seen by visitors. So I reserved a 5 meters long place. 

to prepare this exhibition by professionally made communications.







What is Painting for me ?


My philosophy can be summed up so : 

"For me, painting is transcendent. It speaks of the body, of the unconscious mind and it is ephemeral by the emotions it induces. But it remains as a picture. Painting is a one's own adventure, an inner journey to an unknown which can surprise me and give me so many moments of happiness.


I invite everyone to travel through my colorful world, to keep quiet looking at a painting that draws his attention, to leave the painting talks to him, lives in him, up to make emotions rise ...


To paint is to doubt himself and his painting, it is to put on a canvas the space, the color and the materials of one's emotions, it is to come into empathy with the canvas, out of time; it is to make way for imaginary and improvisation in an almost meditative state ... it is to stand back from himself and from the canvas ... it is leaving time the time ...


My abstract painting arise from a feeling, an emotion : minimal style drawing, colored splashes and lines drag me to a chaos that subtly grows more and more organized unto a certain idea of order ... 







I try to create a painting that resembles me, being the image of the ambivalence of a life full of joys and sorrows, of meetings at cross roads, of shadows and lights that is mine."


The way I look at nature, mysteries and symbols of life, the emotions that appear, are a source of inspiration for me. I often work hearing music.


So I create my paintings in a sort of emergency. Color, gesture take me and lead me to this unknown that emerges and is built ... revealed, laid bare, until daring a look at : mine then the other's one on this "here and now" put on canvas .... That is why my works, sometimes lyric, sometimes more geometric, tend to transport everyone in the world of dreams and imagination and to make there a wonderful trip.

Allocation of funds





What will be the use of this collection ?



Today I need your help to realise this project. So, to thank you, I propose you some presents that make my paintings enter your home.


My aim is to prepare this show by painting new works without the financial stress of the absolute necessity of selling enough exhibited paintings.


The cost for me to exhibit in this show is : 9 020  


6 940 € : Show costs

My paintings will be shown on MECENAVIE stand. MECENAVIE services payment : 

Paintings packing


customs fee

ATA book

paintings hanging on 5 m long

private viewing

promotion on the show


1 400 € : before the show promotion


680 € : kisskissbangbang commission


I bring 520 € of the total fees


The target 8 500 € allows me to exhibit in this show. If this amount is exceeded, I’ll exhibit more paintings.




I thank you for your help in my project. I hope yous share the same desire than me to know my paintings exhibited in Miami beside those of famous artists. Every one can participate thanks to differents help’s levels and the linked presents.


You are my main supports to make my paintings’ presence at next “Spectrum Miami Art Show“ true. Please, don’t hesitate to speak of it around you and tell me your questions and comments.


I’ll answer quickly to your messages.


Thank you very much all of you !!!








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