Mesdames - Premier EP

"MWV" 01 is the first EP from Mesdames, a french quartet that deals with free-rock and badass reinterpretation of classical pieces. Help us!

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Mesdames - Premier EP

BWV numbers (Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis) were developed in 1950 by Wolfgang Shmieder in order to classify Johan Sebastian Bach’s compositions in a Works Catalogue entitled Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis der musikalischen Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach.

In year 2013, MESDAMES quartet (a collective of composers and musicians that produces music for animals and saint children) decide to use this classification method, well-conscious about their incoming glory all around the world. The BWV becomes a MWV (Mesdamus-Werke-Verzeichnis).




MWV 01 - Mesdamus-Werke-Verzeichnis is Mesdames’s first EP.

After two years of creation, workshops and gigs, the band prepares the record of 5 songs with a edition of 500 CD. The album will be released in 2014.


Here’s some noise :



Allocation of funds

Collected funds will finance :


Mixing : 400€

Mastering : 500€

Edition and packaging : 740€


The band will finance the studio location and 7 days of records

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