Minijazznica 2014

HELP US TO CONTINUE THE TRADITION of JAZZNICA = Jazz festival in Banska Stiavnica

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Minijazznica 2014

Jazz_singLibresso       Our project is a festival, that happens to take place  every summer  in the centre

of historical  town Banska Stiavnica(Slovakia) for the past 8 years. The sound of jazz is going through all the small coffie houses, bars and places with soul. We fill the town with lovely sound and lovely people. Jam sessions are happening outdoor and indoor and young musicians are gaining experiences from older musicions and vice versa. We give chance to new talents to show up and gain contacts. We also support local comunity by giving them a chance to participate on our festival by volunteering.  This year we have also decided that all graphical work will be given to the young students studying on local high school. We are also planning an exibition of a local photoclub and vernisage of pictures taken during last cultural summer in Banska Stiavnica. Other thing we plan to be a part of program is a concert of very young students at basic school of arts and a concert of absolvents from local music university.




Allocation of funds

Basy   Since Jazznica  is a tradition and a part of a cultural summer in Banska Stiavnica, we would like to keep up this tradition and bring some good music to the streets of the city. Besides that we would like to include whole community by creating space to proceed art. We will be corporating with local schools and authorities, photoclubs and prepare exhibitions of  local artists.


In order to call known names and also in order to support the new starters in the field we  NEED YOUR SUPPORT;))Bill_a_marceContrabasNormal_jazznica_-_m.valihora_trio_acoustic_-_03.07.09_-_foto-lu_ina__35_Jazn

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