Minimal Reader Pro brings the fastest and most confortable way to read news on a mobile device. Widgets for "one tap" access to most read sources, and an App for a full browsing experience and explore new content. Backed up with an efficient caching system, all news stays available no matter the internet connection, great for reading on the go.


The project

Minimal Reader Pro is a full featured Google Reader client for Android, allowing you to read your favourites RSS feeds elegantly on the go through a main App and 6 widgets.



Minimal Reader Pro main features :


  - Great cache management, all articles are available offline with images. Extremely useful for long metro trips or situations where the internet connection is poor/absent. You can read your favourite articles seamlessly, without worrying about your internet connection.  


- Elegant, clean and fast UI, with quick access to content. Beautiful Android 4.0 Holo design.  


- Amazing Widgets (6 in total, 2 scrollable and 4 static), with many themes and customisation options for a perfect integration on your Homescreens. Lets you access all the app's features even faster.   


- Full Google Reader integration, great for reading on multiple devices, marking articles as read or favourite on the Cloud. No login necessary, the app simply uses the Google account present on the device.    



Play Store links :


Minimal Reader Pro (0.79€, Full app + 6 widgets) :


Minimal Reader (Free, 2 widgets only) :



Why fund it?


This funding has several objectives :


1/ Rent a dedicated Web Server ( around 150€/month ) to host websites and forums for my apps, as well as a platform to develop new server side features like push notifications, and become independent from Google Reader and other proprietary platforms.  This server could allow me to do server side operations like image resizing, push notifications, versionning, OTA updates for beta testers, analytics, etc.


2/ Hire a full time designer ( around 2000€ ) to give a real visual identity to my apps and websites, allowing me to spend more time on coding and less time designing.  


3/ Set the Pro version of Minimal Reader completely FREE ! (the app currently earns me around 200€/month)  



What I can offer to donors :


1/ Your name and photo on the contributor list of the app. A cool trick to show to your friends (you'll look important, girls love it) 


2/ Unique "Collector" version of Minimal Reader ! Choose your background, title and text colors, buttons ... and I'll make you your personnalized, unique version of the widget that truely matches your taste and homescreen.  


3/ Private access to the early versions of my Apps (nightlies / weeklies) and the possibility to participate actively in the developpement by suggesting features, themes, etc. There will also be private polls that will drive the development of Minimal Reader and my other apps (Falcon for Twitter). All this will be available only to donators through a private forum.    



Do you own a blog or a dedicated website, and want to get more mobile readers ?


A new "Recommended" section will be added in Minimal Reader, easily accessible from the main screen. In this section will be pushed a selection of Blogs and Websites that the user might be interested in (using localisation and interests), displayed in the familiar UI the users are used to. Seamlessly integrated in the app, the user will be able to discover new sources of news and quickly access their articles.  



If a user reads an article from within the "Recommended" section, he will be prompted to subscribe to this blog or website through Google Reader, and to add a dedicated column on his starting page.  


This allows blogs and websites to quickly acquire mobile readers, and make them come back frequently with the easy subscription system.  


This new section will be available as soon as Minimal Reader Pro becomes Free, which represents a migration of more than 100k users of the free version, which will be added to the 10k users of the Pro version.  


So if you have a blog or a website to promote, take this incredible opportunity to attract mobile readers from all around the world.


Android enthousiast, Web & Mobile developper, I started developping for Android on my free time in 2010. I now work as an Android developper for big industry players in France. Developping my own Android apps is a real pleasure for me and I would love to spend more time on it !

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Hey it's me Rafael from and I couldn't give much but I hope this helps at lease a little man. Good luck.
Bon courage, à 390€ par semaine, tu auras gagné en... 1 mois et demi. Et pour info, le système de paiement de KissKissBankBank déconne quand on essaie de payer depuis Falcon, sur mon Nexus 7, j'ai du passer par Chrome :D Un problème avec les pop-up pour le choix mois/année de la CB. Android ne doit pas kiffer les pop-up dans les pop-up...
Good luck Joe!