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Participe à la mise en ligne de la Boutique Colibrì !


The history of the association Colibrì, a platform for mindful fashion, is above all a story of friendship, passion and common convictions.


We are Valentina and Pauline, friends who are passionate about fashion, and convinced that respecting the environment means respecting yourself. As co-founders of Colibrì in 2017, we currently live in Dakar, Senegal, where this project was born. The idea of ​​Colibrì came from a simple observation that concerned us directly: our wardrobes were packed although we only used half of the clothes!


Another more general observation: fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Department stores push us to overconsumption, making us believe that we absolutely need fashionable products, and even multiply the sales on products from factories that often do not respect the rights of workers.


Talking to those around us, we realised that our case was far from isolated. We decided to sort through our cupboards and encourage our loved ones to do the same. We organised a first wardrobe declutter to collect money intended to finance artistic and solidarity initiatives in Senegal. To our great surprise, we welcomed many people who were proud to participate in financing an artistic project in Senegal through the purchase of clothing.


We therefore encourage a circular and responsible consumption based on solidarity: We finance artistic projects and initiatives thanks to our customers who buy our second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories.






Raised in France, she followed the migratory bird route that links Lille to Senegal. A volunteer, hyperconnected and an artist at heart, she has the gift of mixing style, seriousness and good humour to serve ethical and united causes.



Coming from Puglia, Africa has been near and dear to her heart since she was little. She made her nest in Senegal in 2015. Wholeheartedly committed to her passions, she leads various projects simultaneously that always combine music, ethics and style.




Our objective

Colibrì, the platform for fashion solidarity is a French association, currently based in Senegal, which finances artistic projects and initiatives (in culture, music, painting, visual arts, literature, dance, theatre, etc.) while respecting the environment.



Thanks to the people who buy second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories that we collect voluntarily. Through upcycling our unsold fabric, we also manufacture all types of products!





1. Fashion

Because everyone is unique, we want you to be better dressed than ever - in your own way! We defend the idea that clothing is not only used to meet the basic need to dress, but also to create your identity, show your personality, and make you feel good. In short: to be you! Be kind to yourself, wear Colibrì!


2. Sustainable development

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. We believe that local recycling initiatives on an individual scale contribute to a sustainable development on a global level. Be kind to the planet, wear Colibrì!


3. Solidarity

Thanks to the buyers who trust us, around 90% of the funds of the Colibrì Association are used to finance artistic projects or initiatives which we carefully select. The remaining 10% is used for the operating costs of the Association. Be kind to people, wear Colibrì!




... is a stylish project with great responsibility towards the environment and sustainability!

Allocation of funds



Opening an online boutique is a dream that we have had from the start, and which will come true thanks to you! More and more people are asking us "where can we buy your products?” or “do you have an online platform where you can choose which projects to support?" An e-commerce site will allow you to buy second-hand and upcycling products more easily, and to choose and follow the projects that you can finance, with complete transparency.



The Colibrì Association wishes to develop and extend its sales approach by creating its online solidarity fashion platform, via the opening of a Colibrì online boutique!


We want to offer customers and members a more accessible shopping experience. Users will be able to consume responsible and ethical Colibrì fashion more easily.


The Colibrì Online Boutique offers three main features:


1. The sale of second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories, collected and uploaded online both by the Colibrì team and the customers person and uploaded online, via a system of predesignated pick-up points.


2. The boutique also offers products (from other sources?) that are equally a part of the circular economy, sustainable development and ethical fashion (reusable cleansing wipes, products made from upcycling or recycling, etc.);


3. The possibility for customers to view and choose one or more projects to finance through the purchase of products on the e-commerce site.


The objective of the Colibrì Online Boutique is to become a real interactive platform that boosts the sustainable and participatory economy not only in Senegal, but also in other countries.


Thanks to the advice and ideas of our supporters, the Colibrì Association is gradually growing. The opening of an e-commerce site will allow us to continue and expand this collective engagement!


Let’s continue to be agents of change!

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