MKHANH can still go to WOMAN TRADESHOW!!! The curators are giving me a ONCE in a LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!!! LOVE


The project

Bonjour ))) My name is MaiKhanh and I'm the founder and designer of MKHANH.


MKHANH is a womens prêt à porter label defining the concept of la Femme Homme. Ultra sensual beneath her masculin garb, her style is creative yet minimalist, rude yet subtle.

This label was launched in Winter 2011 and since then has been sold in New York City, Zurich and Bali.


NB: This time around, because of last minute free spaces, the curators are offering me a one of a kind chance : to get a booth in the show, an amazing avant garde show for only 500EUROS!!!!!

I have manage to organize a plane tickets thanks to the support of my family. Nowi just need toraise money for the booth )))))



To create unique and luxurious clothing, we focus on the quality of our production, the richeness of our textiles and the sophistication of our allure.

This year we launched our fair trade workshop and have decided to use neither skins nor furs in our future collections.



After great responses from our clients and buyers, MKHANH wishes to join a reputable, carefully curated, independent designer tradeshow in our hometown of PAris.


WOMAN Shows is precisely that. A unique sales platform for the up and coming quality oriented independent brands. They carry only 60 labels per show so its a huge deal that we are invited to join.


At the moment, MKHANH design and production is based in Bali Indonesia so we need your help and support to create and send our new collection and yself to Paris for this amazing opportunity.


Merci for your support




Why fund it?

The total of your contributions will cover


- a regular size booth at WOMAN  : 500E

an amazing opportunity for myself and for my brand MKHANH


I will cover production of clothes and sales material


I am a French Vietnamese designer and stylist. I was raised between Beijing, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong, trained in Marseilles and worked in Paris and New York. It’s this constant wanderlust that has shaped my life and inspired my designs. In New York 2008, I co-founded REBELDNCE, an urban prêt-a-porter label. But after moving back to Paris... See more

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Tous nos voeux de réussite pour ton projet. affectueusement Dany et Didier
Bravo ma chérie !! Tu regarderas pr l ensemble noir aussi, je ne l ai pas reçu :( A très vite! Bisou
Good luck! I'm sure it will be a great success!!!!