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Receive each month a card illustrated by a talented young designer to rediscover the pleasure of receiving and decorate your space.

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Momonga - Facteur de bonheur




Momonga brings you each month an enveloppe containing a designer-illustrated card to decorate your home/office, as well as a pre-stamped enveloppe so you can send the previous card to someone you love.








Momonga was born from the weariness regarding the mountain of bills and advertisements that fill each day our mailbox, and the joy to receive a letter from a loved one. We want you to experience each month this simple pleasure and why not, pass it along.   We made it as simple as possible for you to send your card to those you love and have them experience the joys of receiving too. You can also directly sign up for someone and surprise them with this simple gesture.






Pteromys Momonga, also called flying squirrel, is a cute animal living in Japan. The membranes between its arms and legs allow it to glide in the air when leaping from trees, making him the perfect postman we were looking for.

  That's why Momonga joined our team, to bring the cards from our designers' desks, directly to your mailbox. Always excited to deliver smiles, it will pay you a visit once a month.










- To you 

All we aim to do is to make you happy regularly with a nice piece of art and enable you to do the same for someone else. You can decorate, get inspired by young designers or use it as a token of simple pleasures in life.




- To designers

We have decided to work with the greatest talents of tomorrow giving them the opportunity to share their universe and show the best of their work. On the back of each card, you can find the designer's name and portfolio.




- To our planet

In order to reduce our impact in our small little water planet, Momonga only works with eco-certified print services that uses vegetal inks and recycled paper (or from sustainable forests).








Momonga can also be a great way to connect with your best clients in a simple and honest way. Send them a card once a month to keep contact and to show that you care.


For professionals, we can include your brand name and logo in the enveloppe and on the back of the card and even include a message of your choice.





If you want a tailored solution, do not hesitate to contact us at hello[at]

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