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The project

1) The Project


Mon Sauveur is a young french brand, offering essential stocking and socks for both women and men.

All in a form of a customizable subscription and adapted to the various needs of its clients to be sure they won't run out of tights or socks at the wrong time.


2) An alarming fact...


For a women to spin her tight in the morning before going to work and not to have any remplacement tights, can be summed up as follows (per year) :



And for men it is the same report, if not worse... missing the right pair of socks, can be translated as follows (per year) : 




3) A single solution


Mon Sauveur offers you a subscription adapted to your consumption of stockings. You will never miss the pantyhose or the right pair of socks to go to work. The advantage is twofold, on the one hand you will no longer experience stressful or embarrassing situation and on the other hand you will be completely discharged from the purchase of stockings. In short, you will save time and won't worry about it at anymore.


2 subscription models will be offered : 


- an on demand subscription (or 100% freedom): You decide how many and how often you want to receive your products. No commitment and even better, you can change the subscription at any time. This is the most practical and customizable formula. You pay for what you consume.


- a packaged subscription (or 100% loyalty) : Mon Sauveur also offers different packs of subscriptions. The quantity and frequency are non-modifiable. The advantage is that you pay only once at the beginning and you will not have to worry about buying your stockings for the duration of the subscription.



4) But for which products?


- We mainly offer classic and timeless models.

- A limited and sufficient choice: You will not waste time finding the right product, we offer only the essential !

- Products of impeccable quality, made in France or at least in Europe.


Overview of our women's collection




How to recognize a quality tights? First of all, it is a thread that is quality, robust and that can withstand the vagaries of everyday life. Think of the office sills that hang your tights! Other elements to be taken into account are the softness, the comfort and the maintenance. We have chosen quality for your legs by combining yarns known for their strength, elasticity and of course comfort. The mesh method is just as important to ensure consistency and to to give you the feel of a second skin.



What's in our women's collection? We made the choice of the essentials. We offer pantyhose, stockings and socks to accompany you every day. Of course, each category is declined according to opacities, colors and patterns. For example, we offer fine, semi-opaque, opaque, polka dot or fishnet tights.



Overview of our men's collection




How to recognize a quality sock? It's a thread story. A thread of quality gives a longer life to the sock. Thus, it will retain its properties of comfort, color, maintenance and thermal. Our suppliers are aligned with our desire to use noble materials such as mercerized cotton (or Scotch yarn) that give a silky look to the sock. We also ensure optimal comfort when wearing our socks by hand-stitching the socks at the toes. The elastic for the maintenance wants to be non-compressing to guarantee a good maintenance without having an accordion sock on the ankles!



What does our men collection contain? We made the choice of the essentials. We offer mid-calf and mid-stock socks in various colors and aspects. Our colors are plain, classic and without logo for use in all circumstances. We offer smooth mid-calf socks, ribbed (or looped) mid-calf socks and ribbed (or looped) knee-highs.






5) Responsibilities




Short circuits


We certify a French manufacture or at least European to all our products, to privilege short circuits of production and marketing but also to be able to ensure the quality control on all our range of products.



Premium quality


At Mon Sauveur, "essential" rhymes with quality. All our products have been worn and tested upstream of the production to accompany you without risk in all the situations of the daily life.


6) The Team




If you have any question, don't hesitate to write it in the comments below. We will be happy to answer you!


Why fund it?

We ask for your help in order to be able to pay all our suppliers, necessary. Our goal is 8,000€ which will allow us to cover the minimum costs for the launch of the activity.

All the donation will be made to "The Subscription Company SAS" (Mon Sauveur), of which Raphaël and Mathieu are the only shareholders.






What if we were to exceed our target?




Rewards in the form of pre-sales


Each donation will be rewarded by a "pre-sale" on our products in the form of a packaged subscription (see above). Depending on the amount of your donation you will be entitled to one of the counterparts (pre-sales) that appear to the right of this page. Whichever subscription you receive, you will have the choice of the model, the color and of course the size of the products!



We have indicated a delivery estimate for September 2017 but you will be able to adjust the date of your delivery according to your need. Once the campaign is over we will contact you to find out your preferences.


We will ship all over Europe!




Thanks for helping us reach our goal and benefit soon of your first daily ally :)





Votre allier du quotidien !

FAQ Questions about the project

+ When will I receive my counterpart?

Once the campaign is over, we will contact you to propose different delivery dates to which we can send you your counterparts.
In the case of a subscription consideration, you will simply be asked to provide us with a date of first submission, which will be used as the start date of your subscription.

+ What color will be the stockings (socks / tights) that I will receive?

Once the campaign is over, we will send you our catalog of products, that is to say the set of stockings men and women that we will propose on our website.
Whichever counterpart you benefit from, you will be able to choose the type of model you like, as well as the color and of course the size that suits you.

+ To which countries will we ship ?

We will ship all over Europe

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