Monday Morning Taste: Recording of my debut EP

! I NEED YOU ! Support the recording of my first electro-pop-rock EP.

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Monday Morning Taste: Recording of my debut EP

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Hi! Welcome to Monday Morning Taste's musical universe wherein dreams, sounds, melodies, perceptions and personal experiences stir together.

Who am I? I am a multi-instrumental musician, singer-songwriter. My music spans through numerous styles: from electronics and pop to alternative rock and folk to create a polymorphic environment whose tones are completely filled with personal impressions.

Beyond my own inspirations, my music can inspire melancholy, intensity or intimacy. But also friendship, like in the song Long Lost Friend, one of my last recordings recently realised with the help of my musician friends: Simon Thiry, Corrado Falco and Mathieu Hébette who are my live musicians since 2017. This song is about a lost childhood friend who I deeply miss.

Did you enjoy it? Well, then listen to Time To Disappear, another songs of mine, recorded in 2015. This one is about the state of mind of somebody suffering from burn-out and about to do something irremediable. In this song, I make no mystery of the autobiographical background, since I have been through that mindset myself (particularly when I was achieving my PhD in late 2015). I was sick and tired of living such a life and, as a reaction, I wrote this song to evacuate my dark thoughts. In order to write the lyrics, I made close contact with other people on a web forum on the topic of burn-out and depression. Those persons expressed their pain, their will to vanish unremembered. With that song, I try to convey the following message: we can get lost very easily in our own life, lose the meaning of it and feel the desire to disappear. As for me, I got through it thanks to the help of my family and friends…I called them out for help and they came forward. That shows that friendship, empathy and love are definitely the cure.

Apart from english lyrics, I wanted to celebrate my mother tongue (Italian) by recording the song Una Parte di Me, which describes my feelings when I left my country in 2003 to settle down in Belgium. It’s a rather melancholic and more intimate ballade where I kind of look back on my life before and after that big change. I released that song under the name of Mino SanLeo (San Leo being a magical place in my native village where I used to go stargazing).

To conclude, here are a few pictures of me on stage. Among others, a very recent one taken in September 2018 at the springboard of Wallonia’s Festivities in Namur where I won the second prize awarded by the Department of Culture of the City of Namur.

Allocation of funds

What will this crowdfunding cover ?

The goal of this crowdfunding is to record my first EP which is already ongoing with the help of my friend and bass player Simon Thiry.

It will be a much more intimate and organic EP than my previous work. It will probably sound less pop and more folk and electro with the right combination of maturity, experience, passion and inspiration. Hereunder you will find the estimated budget. Please note that I will personally add a financial contribution to push the project even further.

Here is the detailed budget :

  • 2300€  Pre-production / Editing / Recording instruments and voice (studio, sound engineer) for around 6 days
  • 200€    Kisskissbankbank’s commission

Total: 2500€

If you help me go over that goal…

I could invest in the production’s next steps :

  • 2000€   Mix
  • 500€     Mastering
  • 1500€   Pressing + Artwork EP

...and cover up the entire EP production !

If we exceed the objective even more :

- I will invest in communication around the release of the EP, making of a video-clip, press attaché, photo shoot,…

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