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Help us travel 1/3 of the globe in a Polo Volkswagen for the Mongol Rally 2015

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Mongol Rally





Created in 2004, the Mongol Rally is a charity rally that takes place between London and Ulan Ude in Siberia, with no assistance.

Each team has to raise money for two charities:

- £500 (= €665) for the official Mongol Rally charity: Cool Earth which fights for the protection of the Amazonas.

- £500 for a charity of its choice. We chose to support Veloo which works to pull out the children of the slums of Oulaanbaatar by providing them with an education and the tools to envision a professional future. 







Losing the world’s rainforest is a disaster for our planet and a catastrophy for the people who live in it. Cool Earth is a charity that, in cooperation with indigenous villages, strives to stop rainforest destruction. It puts local people in charge and gives them the tools to protect their rainforest. Indeed, one of the major causes of deforestation is poverty. Many families have no other choice than selling their rainforest. Cool Earth therefore intervenes upstream by educating the populations and building schools, clinics, and offering them a better quality of life.





We need you to support the amazing work of the Veloo Foundation! Their mission is to help orphans and disadvantaged children in the slums of Ulaanbataar. We will be raising money for them, so that the 120 children at the Children of the Peak Sanctuary can get food, warmth, education, and a new minibus in order for them to go to school! We are thrilled to go visit them when we arrive in Mongolia in late August!




This "charity rally" is often qualified by participants as the greatest adventure to take part in, by car. Indeed the Mongol Rally crosses around twenty countries and each team travels across more than 17,000 km with a tiny car with an engine of less than 1,2 L. 

Each team chooses its route and the time it wants to take to reach Siberia. The participants have to face all situations with autonomy and ingenuity, as no assistance will be provided by the organizers. 







You may be asking yourself how we got to undertake this crazy project?

Well it's quite simple. Alix and Elisa wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something that would challenge their limits and at the same time would make them travel. They stumbled upon the Mongol Rally and immediately became absolute fans. After having scrolled through all websites, pages and videos of the Mongol Rally, they told Odon about it who was instantly on board, then Virgile who joined the team a few weeks later. 


We plan to leave Paris mid July, head to the South of France, and then reach the official start line in Milan July 19th. We then plan to go quickly through Europe passing in Croatia, Greece and finally Istanbul before we head on to Asia! 







I lived in London for 15 years then Paris for 3 years, and have studied in Montreal for 3 years now. I love challenges and taking risks, but I also look forward to documenting our adventure and all the people we will meet. I manage the budget and communications.



I grew up in Switzerland, studied at Bocconi in Milan, and am now pursuing an internship in Paris! My job? Taking care of driving in the opposite direction from the one indicated by our female copilotes. Plus, I adapt easily to every situation with a big smile and cheerfulness. 




Born in Paris, I have studied in Montreal for the past 2 years, and am currently on an exchange in Hong Kong. I love human contact (sharing a car with three other people for a month and a half: love it)! I focus on our route and what we will see in every country.




Currently in an internship in NY, I studied at Bocconi in Milan. I love travelling and meeting people from different backgrounds. My role in the adventure: mechanics, crucial! 






Here is our ride, a 1986 Polo Volkswagen! 

A Winnie the Pooh mascot will accompany us in the Polo, in allusion to our kind donor… 




17,000 km - 20 countries - 3 deserts - 5 mountains - thousands of people met

We are going to film everything and share with you our problems, amazing landscapes, freezing nights, peeing behind an umbrella, culinary discoveries and unforgettable people.



Allocation of funds



As you can see through the adventure on which we are embarking, we are very cautious and wise, (…) and want to exceed our goal of €7000 rather than have a higher goal and not reach it, which would lead to not receiving anything, which is KissKissBankBank's policy. We need YOU to gear up and reach Siberia.


1. The €7,000 will be used in the following way:

   - €1330 for Veloo & Cool Earth (€665*2=1330)

    - €2000 for our equipment (tent, flashlight...)

    - €1700 to feed ourselves (€10/day/person for 6 weeks)

    - €1800 to pay our visas (€600/person)

    - €170 for unforseen expenses


And with more...

2. With €845 more we will be able to reimburse the enrollment fees and our website

3. With €1300 more we will be able to come back home from Ulan Ude!  

4. And with eeeeven more, Veloo will be able to finance its projects:

- a shower facility

- extend the primary school (3 classrooms, one kitchen with running water, toilets, a dining hall)

- buy a schoolbus so ALL the children can go to school (not so easy when you're six years old and have to walk 45 minutes at -30°C) 

- build a little factory to manufacture gardening products made of  recycled products






BIC being one of our major sponsors, and education something we have at heart, we are going to distribute BIC pens in the schools we will find on our way.



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