Here you will be able to pre-order my next album and on the way help on its production.

Project visual MORE THAN YOUR SILENCE - My next Album
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All music in these clips is from the album:














The writing of the album is over, now it is time for the "post production" and the the total costs are around 10,000€ (below, you can see why)


In this campaign I ask for only 2,000€, the rest I will take from the bank/savings/parents.  Nevertheless, with your help I will be so happy to say to my bank: “Go to hell! I don’t need your help”!


For the last year or so I've been working on an EDM album – a vast definition for a music that is made by electronic sounds and is meant to be played on the dance floor.


For years now I want to do an electronic project, but I was too afraid.  So I started it as a joke, I took the main hits of that summer, “Wake me up” and “Titanium”, analysed them and tried to imitate them.  This joke had made me feel so good that I just kept on going.  Now I have seven songs, five all original and two covers.   


The next step


These are my goals to this campaign:                         

1.Having a high quality album – compositional and performance (already) but also a professional perfect sound.

2. Having a cool video that with the support of an excellent public relations will reach a lot of people and I’ll start having followers (the new business word for fans).


With this base I’ll be able to:

·  Have DJs all over playing my music at clubs and festivals.

·  Create a concert based on these songs and start touring with it all around.


Full songs from the video:









Allocation of funds

Why do I need 10,000€ 


Perfecting the sound  

My songs sound very good but I need to give them a final touch to put them at the same level with the music we hear all around.  There are not many people in the world that really know how to give this final touch and all the big artists use their services - there is no other way.  The professionals call it “Mixing and mastering”.


These are the price rate from two studios.





The prices are very different, so is the experience they bring with them, the list of clients and the chance I will be satisfied from the result.


There is so much good music in the world but we don’t hear most of it because most musicians do not continue to these next steps, where we need to give our music wings and teach it how to fly.  In another words – This is a business like any other where you have a product and you want to sell it.


Music video

The first thing I’m going to do after the musical part is over is to make a music video.  This is the basic way of communication these days, people need to have something to share.  The video will be very cool for itself so even if someone doesn’t like the music he will have a reason to share it.  It will cost around 4,000€



Think about every artist you know.  There is someone next to him that builds his image:

- Someone told Robert Allen Zimmerman that a name like Bob Dylan would suit him better.

- Someone created this logoAvicii_logo_by_brandonarboleda-d77rqhs-1428999722 and now so many girls in the world between the ages of 14-18 have it as a tattoo.

- Someone told Kurt Cobain that showing his depressed side may help to sell his music but then said to Dave Grohl that it will be better to take a happier line.

- Someone told Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and many others that sex sells.


All of this comes with suitable website, art work and many others details that will help me put my music just in front of everyone’s eyes and ears.


Public Relations

A video is not enough! I need to make sure as many people will watch it as possible.  I need to find ways to be on the media.


I might hire a public relation company but I have to admit, I don’t trust them.

Second option is to pay Bar Refaeli to share my video on her Twitter…


There is no limit how much money is needed for Public Relation and Image building, but I guess there is no one in the world that has ever reached somewhere without doubling the same amount he put till that phase.

I will start with 4,000€


These three, Video/Image/PR, require even more creativity than composing the music itself.  I can assure you that I'm going to use the money with all the wisdom and craziness I possess and I will avoid any default methods.

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