Recreating in 16mm fujifilm the passage through the looking glass as seen in Mr. Nobody.


The project





We are trying to recreate a scene from Mr. Nobody, directed by Jaco Van Dormael, in 16mm film stock for a cinematography course in Brooklyn College. This sequence is incredible as it contains one of the most advanced effects in cinema history, yet it is barely noticeable.




Nemo wakes up with Elise at his side and then goes to the bathroom. There’s nothing very complex about that, but the camera movements in this scene are amazing and the most cinematographically inventive ever seen. We literally dive through the mirror as this scene unfolds in the very beginning of the film.




Recreating it in 16mm footage is sure to give it a very special look that will benefit the scene greatly.

Our team




Director: Morgann Gicquel

Morgann is a French filmmaker who has done 17 short-films in the last five years. He has been playing with a 16mm Bolex since he was 6 years old and he's eager to recreate the scene from one of his favorite movies.




Two of Morgann's latest films:





Director of Photographie: Natalie Chau

Natalie has just finished her first 16mm short-film as a director and she is happily assuming the role of cinematographer as well as producer on this adventure.





Script Supervisor: Jake Deter

Jake has also finished a 16mm short-film and he is an important and valuable asset, both as script supervisor and builder on the set.







First assistant camera: Keith Hebel

Keith has valuable insight on building a set. He also has done a marvelous job being assistant camera on Bolex for two previous shoots.




Assistant Director: Rhodesia Nelson

The voice of reason with an iron will, Rhodesia is a talented and committed assistant director.




Production Assistant: Bendor Louis-Jean

Bendor’s valuable qualities help us get through the day both on set and off set.





Why fund it?


Only those who have contributed to the making of this movie (either financially or technically)  will be able to see the finished product.

We are building the set right now and we're looking for $1000 to finish it. On top of that we are working with the 16mm Fujifilm stock which is expensive to process and digitalize. 

Reasons to donate: If you love Mr. Nobody as much as we do and if you're curious about the results of the experiments; If you want to help young filmmakers in need of money – but more than that, in need of an audience and partners. If you want to see the last Fujifilm rolls ever produced used wisely.

 Any amount helps, please don’t hesistate!


I grew up with two important father figures, my father's video camera he often took home after reporting around the world for France 2, and the Jurassic Park toys from McDonald's Happy Meals I could found in kindergarten. And through that you can see my entire life: the fascination of small monsters you could transform in ordinary shapes and this huge... See more