Muyiwa Kunnuji's OSEMAKO " Mo Juba O "

Muyiwa Kunnuji & his band Osemako invites you to be part of their new beginning by financing "Mo Juba O" their debut Afro Classic Beat album

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Muyiwa Kunnuji's OSEMAKO " Mo Juba O "

The album entitled " Mo Juba O " is the synthesis of the musical journey of the trumpeter Muyiwa Kunnuji and also the birth certificate of the Afro Classic Beat.


A fusion arisen from the diverse influences of African and African influenced genre (Juju music, Highlife, Afrobeat, Gospel, Jazz and Blues), thus creating a wide appeal and fueling the passion of the music of Muyiwa Kunnuji, the esteemed trumpeter of Fela Kuti.


Many thank for your generosity and to all members of Osemako, Mo Juba O features the compositions and arrangements of Muyiwa Kunnuji, is being finalized and requires a sum of  7000 euros to be accomplished.


Your commitment in supporting this album will mark a new beginning in history of the Afrobeat movement and by extension, african music as a whole.


Album preview before last version/ Mastering




Here's a short documentary to introduce thoose who are discovering the projet :





Muyiwa Kunnuji, a musical odyssey


" As a self-taught trumpet player, with over twenty years of experience playing on the international scene, I played with Fela Kuti's Egypt 80 and continued with his youngest son Seun, as well as with Tony Allen and Ayetoro. I also featured prominently with Christy Essien Igbokwe, Steve Rhodes Orchestra, Beautiful Nubia and many others bands of note..."


" Today, in my 40s, I've made a new start in France and intend to present my compositions, some of which I wrote while I resided in Lagos, Nigeria".


The last residence




Osemako, an inheritance in sharing


Born in Nigeria, I grew up in the orthodox-church setting of hymn singing, a religious atmosphere which introduced me to the classical and Gospel genre. Over the years, I was baptized into the style of the precursors of 50's to 90's. My musical career has also been influenced by Afrobeat, Highlife, old Yoruba traditional rhythms, jazz and blues".


" Osemako was created few years back in Lagos with some of my friends and colleagues as members of the band. The group delivers (through its music) messages of hope, positivity as well as delight. ".


" Notable among the initial members of the band who contributed to the recording in Dotsol Studio Lagos, some of  "my brothers" have also been featured in some tracks on the album Mo Juba O. Shola Bankole on the piano, Dotun Bankole on tenor saxophone, Tokunbo Odubanjo on the bongo drums, Tunde Odulaye on the drums kits ".


" After leaving Egypt 80 in 2012, Osemako is opened in France to other musicians from different musical backgrounds (jazz, rock, blues) who, with their experiences, essay the adventure with me".




Photo : Chris Fach


Afro Classic Beat, the Kunnuji's touch  


" The music of Osemako is centered around Afrobeat groove, old and modern traditional west African rhythms, elements of Highlife, influences and components of Juju music, all making it intimately bound to dance. There, we can also find laces of South African Jive and jazz, which allow Osemako to create an original path leading to the birth of Afro Classic Beat.


" My musical universe takes root in harmonies and colorful tones. From the groove, Osemako creates an irresistible call to dance with furious and addictive rhythm."


                              The album is thus set to take the world by a storm.


That said, its production could be facilitated through your support as you pre-order the album.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Details of the recording 


" During these past few months, I've past good time at the VOX studio in Montpellier with the sound engineer Jeff Saboy. In the recording team are current members of the band, Jean-Baptiste Saint-Martin on guitar, the electric bass guitar and vocals of Fatna Chaibi, the percussion of Daniel Levy, Tom Pablo Gareil on vibraphone and François Estassy on drums kit ".


Also present at the studio were Thierry Sainte-Catherine our sound enigneer, Eric Durand (percusionist of Fanga), and not forgeting Fabio Bouquet (Orgammon) and Alain Rabaud (Apem-LR) for their tremendous support.



Photo: Jérôme Becquaert / Chris Fach


" I spent countless number hours in F Studio Gap France, with the wonderfull Fach familyJeremy, Jacques and Hugues Chevallier at the console. Also on the team is Chris the photographer. The team recorded my trumpet and my voice along with the line-up of Osemako horns section which include Fab Smith on tenor saxophone and Nicolas Sakélario on the baritone saxophone, also recorded in Gap are Julien Gimbert's bass and guitar and Jacques Fach's piano ".




Photo: Chris Fach


" Now, I'm back from the "Paris DJ's" studio, who has previously helped me in releasing two of my tracks in their digital album compilation :  " Everything that has breath" on their first compilation (Dis Is Good For You -Tropical Grooves And Afrofunk International - 2012) and "Petit à petit" on the third (Rise of The Troubadour Warriors - Tropical Grooves And Afrofunk International Vol.3 / 2013) 





" Luca spiller's trombone was recorded and also the vocals of Swala Emati (singer in "Les frères Smith).The legendary musicians of Fela Kuti : my seniors and friends Oghene Kologbo on guitar and Chief Udoh Essiet on percussion were featured. And at the very last minute (with some luck) the featuring of my friend and brother Beautiful Nubia, Nigeria's foremost contemporary folk and roots musician, a poet and composer !


And of course, the mixing Engineer : The Grant Phabao ! "



" I don't know how to thank all the people who have helped me since the beginnig of the beginning. I was eager to make visible the invisible and to expose in broad daylight all the efforts, the considerations and the friendships that have accompanied this first stage ".


Your support and commitment thus far can not be overlooked.


Furthermore, my gratitude goes, in advance, to all those who will support the project henceforth !


Thank you very much for your interest in the project.

Muyiwa Kunnuji




Graphism: Martin Smith


Important events in my career


I participed in numerous international festivals including : the Glastonbury (GB), Jazz à la Villette (France), Montreux (France), Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Fuji Rock Festival (Japon), Roskilde Festival (Danemark), Jazz in Vienne featuring Archie Shepp (France), Black2Black (Brazil), among others...


" Giant of Africa" one of my compositions, recorded by Seun Kuti's Egypt 80 on the 2nd album " Rise", has been performed by the band Egypt 80 during several opening performances, one of which include the festival of Coachella, USA.




Osemako has performed at different festivals in France. Among others, at jazz à Vienne in 2014, in Nîmes with the support of Paloma (SMAC) and at various stages in the south of France. Our performances urged us to produce this album which I think will renew and modernize Afrobeat and Highlife.




Photo: Chris Fach




Photo Chris Fach





Here are some of my tracks from previous recordings...





Site web:


A big thank to Stéphane Barbier, journalist / crédit for the projet title 


Allocation of funds

Final 3 stages of the album :


1. Studio and post studio expenses (including CDs and vinyl mass production) : 6000 euros


- 1000 CDs

- 300 vinyl


- Payment of outstanding studio fees and the mixing bills


2. Marchandising: 1000 euros


- 100 T-shirts


3. In case we exceed the requested amount , the surplus shall be channeled towards album marketing/ promotion :


- Hire a publicist 

- Organize a promotional campaign on the radio

- Press promotion/ conferences for the album and tour in perspective 

- Filming a live concert with special guests.


I thus leave by far and hang on this idea that WITH YOU, it's POSSIBLE !







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