My Diet Pill (& Roxane Petitier) - New album: Photos & Music

Help create the new MY DIET PILL album illustrated by photographer ROXANE PETITIER (Vinyl, CD, mp3 and photos).

Project visual My Diet Pill (& Roxane Petitier) - New album: Photos & Music
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My Diet Pill (& Roxane Petitier) - New album: Photos & Music

After an absence of several years, the third album from My Diet Pill is finally ready! It should be titled:  "Songs For Your Daughters And Sons".


A few months ago, we have solicited our fans to choose 11 songs from the 15 that were recorded.  This project is the natural evolution and the final step of that operation.


As for our previous record which was released as a CD included inside a comic book that we have created, we wanted to repeat that experience of artistic collaboration and have therefore decided to share our songs with French photographer Roxane Petitier for her to illustrate with pictures in the booklet.


Update 23 February 2015 - new detail from photo: "Her Royal Majesty"




Update 16 February 2015 - new song: "Messiah"



Update 10 February 2015 - new photo pour "Covert mission"




Update 08 February 2015 - New song: "I'm fat, I'm numb" (in above player)


Update 02 February 2015 - new photo for "New Orleans"




Updated 01 February 2015 - new song: "The pledge" (see above player)




Premier clip pour "The Port" (réalisé par Mathieu Giombini) :



Mp3 extract, "Happy couple" (featuring Heather Larimer):



This album was recorded in Nice by Morgan Manzi, a talented sound engineer in addition of beeing a friend, and was mixed in San Francisco by Monte Vallier, bass player of the cult band Swell  who has also produced american artists such as Mark Eitzel, The Soft Moon and Weekend. We have been fans of his work for many years and working with him was a great honour. We are very happy with this collaboration. The mastering was made by Rémy Pelleschi (Mlada Fronta) with whom we have already worked on "First album" and on "Beautiful Girls Like Science Fiction".


We are really excited to be able to present this new album to you!


We wanted not only to create a quality album, but also to give you a complete and rich product which we could be proud of. For that reason, we plan to release this 11 track album in a package including a 180 gram vinyl, a CD, a digital version and a booklet including all the lyrics and the pictures illustrating all the songs.


This project will be followed by a concert/art exhibition by My Diet Pill and Roxane Petitier, probably in April or May 2015.


Sample picture by Roxane for the booklet:  






My Diet Pill formed in Nice in the late 90s and is a formation of four musicians, in a style that can be identified as "indie rock". To date, the band has released two albums, three EPs of which one includes five tracks + ten remixes and covers. In 2005, the “Second Album” sold 6000 copies and garnered the group a small and quite unexpected notoriety for a self-produced band. In addition to the airplay on American college radio stations, several songs were used in TV shows (CBS in the USA, M6 in France...) which helped My Diet Pill reach a wider audience.


Roxane Petitier is a photographer, videographer and performer. After her studies in Paris, she started to explore art and press photography, but also portraits and collaborates with famous French newspaper Liberation. Winner of the 2013 "Photo magazine"/Sony prize in the portrait category, she stages meaningful scenes with very expressive characters.

Since 2010, she creates various multi-art projects combining video projection, choreography and music. Several of those exhibitions and projets such as "Nouvelle Ere" or "Mouvements anthropomorphiques have received excellent reviews.


Mp3 extract, "Tennessee boy":




Vlad, Patrick, Renaud, Alexandre and Roxane.

Allocation of funds

Crowdfunding : 5500 euros

Total Budget : 7000 euros


Here's the detailed budget:


Manufacturing of 500 albums (11 songs) in 180 gram vinyl format - 1900 euros

We have decide to go with 180gram vinyl records with a lacquer master because the sound quality is much better.


We thought of you who don't have a turntable or who like to have music in different formats, so we have also included:


Manufacturing of 500 albums (11 songs) in CD format - 540 euros

CDs in a color jacket.

Manufacturing of 500 download coupons - 100 euros

Card with a code to download the songs in High Quality.


Manufacturing of 500 color booklet including the pictures and lyrics - 1120 euros

This color booklet will include all the pictures illustrating the songs, the lyrics and the names of the contributors.


Assembling of the package - 100 euros

This includes the insertion of the CDs, coupons and the shrink wrapping.


Manufacturing of the rewards - 400 euros

Pictures, t-shirts, fine art prints ...


Shipping the rewards - 700 euros

To send you your rewards, the album, pictures and t-shirts, etc... shipping is not cheap.


Art prints for the exhibition/concert for the release party - 700 euros

A concert and art exhibition of all the photos from the album will be organised for the release party.


Promotion - 500 euros

Posters, flyers, advertising, sending albums to the press and media.


Paying SDRM (mandatory musical rights in France) - 500 euros

In France, when you create a musical disc, you need to pay a fee to the SDRM (Société pour l'administration du Droit de Reproduction Mécanique des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs)


KissKissBankBank commission and banking fees  - 440 euros

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Estimated delivery: March 2015

11 songs album in mp3 format + a 13x18cm signed picture of the band.
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Estimated delivery: March 2015

11 songs album (including 180 grams vinyl, CD, download coupon, lyrics and pictures booklet), your name in the booklet + a 13x18cm signed picture of the band OR a 13x18cm picture from the booklet signed by Roxane.
  • 15 backers
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Estimated delivery: March 2015

11 songs album (including 180 grams vinyl, CD, download coupon, lyrics and pictures booklet), your name in the booklet, a 13x18cm signed picture of the band, a 13x18cm picture from the booklet signed by Roxane + 1 additional unreleased song in mp3 format.
  • 15 backers
  • 0/15 available