My First EP : Storyteller / Mon Premier EP : Storyteller

Help Bones & Colors to realize his dream by funding his 1st EP : Storyteller !

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My First EP : Storyteller / Mon Premier EP : Storyteller

Hi everyone !  

I am Brian Hui-Bon-Hoa, a 20 years old independent singer-songwriter/dreamer born and raised in France, who works hard everyday to make his dream a reality.


I started music when I was 13, and ever since, I could not see myself doing anything other than music in my life. Music is my passion.


The kind of music I write and play is more like some kind of Pop/Folk music , like Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Nick Santino, but also a little bit Rock like Go Radio, The Maine...



I have been studying like every normal kids, but one day, I had enough of being sad and in depression in my everyday life.  


So I decided to stop everything, to find a job to help my mother and to start chasing my dream.




So in June 2014, I created Bones & Colors, which is my actual stage name.





the idea of the stage name "Bones & Colors" came when I was reading my original songs. I noticed that what I write is very sad but sometimes also very optimistic ! So I wanted to have a name that define well the kind of songs I write.


"Bones" is for the sad side of life, every negative things about life , every hard time we are living. "Colors" represent the happy side of life , the optimist side ,it represents the kind of moment we live that reminds us that life has got a bright side too ! And this is how I found my stage name.




Like a lot of human being, I have a dream. (but you already know this).


But "What is his dream" you might think ?


Well, my dream, is not about becoming famous.

my dream is to make a living with my music and to help and inspire people thanks to my songs.


I write songs when I don't feel very good, but also when I am very happy.

writing music helps me to feel better in life and I want to share my songs to people, so that everyone can feel better when they listen to my music.



If you want to have an idea of what kind of song there will be in this EP, I made a youtube video of one of my original song called "Can't Forget You" , which will , of course , be in this EP (but in a better quality)



I believe in a lot of things like,

I believe everything, with perseverance, is possible in life.

I believe dreams can become true.

I believe that dreams are made to be realized!












And that's why I am making this crowdfunding project today.


I worked very hard on my 1st EP called "Storyteller" it is a 5 songs EP and each song tells a little story, but all of these stories make one big story.





This EP will be produced in France, at Savigny-le-Temple (77) at the Everest Studio with the help of the Everest Studio Group team !




Allocation of funds

I would love to record this EP in a studio with professionals !

But I cannot afford myself to pay all the production by myself.


That's why I need your help !




The amount needed to start my EP project is 4500 Euros which is around 4870 US Dollars now.



2000 Euros will be used to rent the studio for the time needed to record and mix my 5 songs and to pay the sound engineer.


1244,76 Euros will be used to pay the second part of the production, which includes Mastering, and arrangements. 600 Euros will be used for the visual part, to pay the designer with who I will work to realize the cover of the EP. And Also to pay the photo shoot, the distribution and a website for the EP. 400 Euros will be used for the last part of the production , which is the CD pressing I will have 300 CDs I will be able to sell and to give !

So all this production costs 4244.76 Euros.


If we substract the amount needed by the price of the production,

it will last 255,24 Euros.


With this money, I will use it to pay kisskissbankbank fees , and also to make T-shirts and a lot of cool stuffs , to give to all the people who would have helped me to fund this project !


To make sure we can reach 4500 euros,


I already paid by myself 1900 Euros for this project , that means , what I need to reach 4500 euros is 2600 euros !


I believe together we can totally make this a sucessful project !



If I reach my goal,


- I will first give you rewards ! I will give you a CD of my EP and stuffs like a hoodie, a t-shirts , something awesome to thank all of you for believing in me and for supporting me in my dream!

-I will write personal letters or e-mails to each of you, to say thank you!  


If I exceed my goal,


- I will buy food and blankets and give them to homeless people , because I always wanted to help people. I usually sit and talk or play music with the homeless, to warm up their heart. So if I can give more, I would definitely do it !



So, let's make this dream come true together !




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