To produce, film, present and edit my own documentary on tiger conservation in India. My journey shows how each of us CAN help save tigers.


The project



This project quickly evolved from volunteering for conservation, through to deciding to produce, film, present and edit a documentary about my experiences.


My Tiger Diaries is my personal way to raise awareness and funding for the grassroots programs aiding tiger conservation I encountered along the way.  During the filming of this project, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss topics of tiger and human conflict with representatives of the Indian forestry department in Madhya Pradesh and the World Wildlife Fund.  Through these discussions, there is the possibility for me to return to India to film a 2 part documentary alongside them, but in order to do that, I need to have this documentary finished first.


My hope is through this film, I will be able to go on and do more conservation efforts in India; as well as evolve my career from producing photographic shoots to becoming a documentary film producer.  I truly believe that even one person can make a difference to save these beautiful big cats.  I have only just begun to make my dreams of saving tigers and making documentary films come true.


You too can make a difference, and together a group of us can make a huge impact!  With your help my film will reach and teach so many more people about tiger conservation efforts we can all partake in.  


Thank you,

Andrea and the tigers of India.

Why fund it?

I need your help to fund this documentary for two reasons:  


The first is that I self-funded all of the initial outlay for filming this project.  My outlay included a new Canon 70D camera and 2 lenses (£3100) and microphone (£80), as well as the airfare to India, hotels, food and expenses, and the £2000 donation fee to volunteer for the tiger conservation.  


The second reason to fund this film is to now help in the post-production and airing of the film.  This includes editing it (£1100), and putting titles, music and voiceovers to it (£1200).  I will air it on all social media platforms including YouTube, facebook, twitter, and my own personal website which needs to be updated (£1200) in order to showcase this production.  




Originally from Vancouver, I moved to London in 2000 and have worked as a producer in the photographic and advertising industries ever since. Self-employed and a self-starter, I have passionate ideas and always follow through on them. Following a few tragic events in my life, I finally decided to listen to my heart and use my production skills to make... See more

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Well done Andrea! Katie
All the best with it Andrea!
i am moved by your bound beetween men and animal's heart is with both human and tiger's population...thank's for your courage. best regards. mireille