A web application for a better management of your personal budget. A way of easily knowing everything about your finance situation and more.

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We all ask ourselves everyday how we are doing financially. 

We all would like to know how much money we can still spend, if we can afford a new purchase or not, or simply to be informed as soon as we reach the limit. 

We are also all interested to know when a standing order amount is not the one expected, especially when it's bigger. 




" The best way to manage a budget is to clearly identify the biggest charges that could be decreased, and  to use the income taking in account the coming charges. "

Easy to say, but difficult to do on a daily basis without a powerful and accurate tool.





- The MyEZFinance project was born from the idea that a web application could help you out dealing with your budget just like a personal assistant as long as it allows you to save all of your earnings or incomes and charges in it (manually or automatically if your bank provides this service via emails). 


- The web application will give you everyday your balance between charges (current and to come) and incomes so you know how much money you can still spend. The application will also notify you in case of unexpected amount for expected operations. 


- If you subscribed from your bank email notifications for new operations on your account, MyEZFinance can read them and automatically update your data everyday accordingly. 


- All you will need to use it's a connected device : computer, tablet or smartphone. And that's it ! You're all set !






The Global User Interface :


You wil be able to gather all the information you need at the same place :




The modules :


Basically the application will provide 2 modules :

- Finance : where the budget managment will be done.

- Contacts : where your personal information and your contacts information will be saved. 

- Reminders : you won't forget anything anymore (birthdays, todo lists, important events,...). 

- Folder : all you're documents and files available when you need them even if you're not home. 



How will MyEZFinance help you on a daily basis :


- You would like to buy something and you just don't know if you still can afford it. You go and check on MyEZFinance if you still have enough money knowing all your coming charges and bills. 

When your bank account only provides the current money you have, MyEZFinance will give you the money that will remain after your bills and charges. 


- Your monthly mobile bill suddenly has increased with no explanation from your operator.

Once MyEZFinance gets the information, an email will be sent to you so you can check, call your operator and clarify the situation. 


- You have notification each time you reach the limit of your budget, when no money remains for further purchases. 

You will never be off guard anymore. 


- You would like to know at a glance the monthly cost of your mortgages or other bills. 

MyEZFinance will give you this information, as well as the status of a payment (done or pending). 



You won't need a calculator anymore, everything is automatic !


Advantages :


- MyEZFinance will notify you about changes on your budget (unexpected invoices amounts, limit of available money reached, others) by email so you know even without logging in.

- MyEZFinance will self update according to your bank notifications (if you have the service from your bank). 

- MyEZFinance will be available from any device with Internet access (tablets, Smartphones, computers, ...)

- MyEZFinance will help you highlight the most expensive charges of your budget. 


You can access the application (from our dev server) and use it from this link.


Who am I ?


I'm an IT, I like web technologies, I'm full of ideas but I'm only missing funds to realize them. 

If you think this project can help people like I do, you know what to do. 


Allocation of funds

My willing to share my project through this site is linked to my wish to inform people about it. I like the idea of  a team effort to build something new. 


Because of you and your help I will :

- finalize the development of the application within 3 months for 1000 €

- once the dev is done, host the application online for 1000 €

- organize an advertisement campaign to gain more users for 500 €

- provide the hotline service the first year for 500 €


If fortunately the initial amount of money requested is exceeded, an additional developer will be hired. 

The Smartphone app development would be also launched, depending on the extra money received. 



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