Nagaland Guitar Education

Help the children of Nagaland to learn music.

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Nagaland Guitar Education

Nagaland Guitar Education, an humanitarian action :


The Nagaland Classical Guitar Society (NCGS) is the sole body which was formed in the spirit to promote and share Classical Guitar music, they have so much talents among the young people yet they lack resources and infrastructures. Therefore, the Society aims to connect with international organizations, institutions to associate with expérience teachers and resource persons, performers and artists for workshops, concerts and festivals in the near future. They do have support from the Music Task Force (MTF) an initiatives of The Government of Nagaland under the Ministry of Youth Resource and Sports.






In India, Nagaland is the only State which gives importance to Western Music as a subject and trying to implement to make Music Compulsory in all the Schools and Colleges in the near future. Some of the Schools and Colleges has already introduced Music as a proper Subject. Nagaland follows International Examination Board for the preparatory of Grades and Diploma exams under the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON, ASSOCIATE BOARD ROYAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC (ABRSM) and others to give an opportunity to everyone to learn music for those who don’t get an exposure to go and learn music abroad.



Nagaland :


Population 1,980,602 – Area 16,579 km2



Numbers :



• 2 National School : Patkai Christian College (Margaret Shishak School of Music) et Nagaland Conservatory of Music (NCM) avec préparation au “Bachelor of Music”

• 20 private school

• 40 students and 11 teachers at Dimapur (second city of Nagaland)

• 30 students and 5 teachers in Kohima (the capital)



Testimonials : 


"This project will unleash the dreams of many young talents, giving opportunity to aspire the core-value of Classical music, sharing a true spirit without any boundaries, music as a universal language."

Zaren Mhabemo, Secretary and Public Relation of NCGS


"The NGE initiative of the PGF will not only be an opportunity for the present classical guitarists in Nagaland but more importantly serve as a wake-up call for the rest to join the global classical guitarist movement."

Norman Villa, Vice President of NCGS

Allocation of funds

Our objectivs:

To develop the NCGS we organize a fundraising action who allow us to bring in India the basics musical needs:material (guitars, strings, scores, methods, tool), lessons (masterclasses, music theory), and concerts.



I. Collection

In order to help NCGS with their development, PGF is organizing a fund raiser that has started from September 2015 (both financial and material. From 20 July until 10 August 2016, a team of people with Bruno Allen, Pierre Bibault, Bruno Pancek, and Augustin Pesnon has planned a visit to the city to distribute all the materials that they have collected : guitars, strings, scores, techniques and accessories. 






II. Formation

Paris Guitar Foundation wants to associate this aspect of humanitarian project in an educational dimension. To help NCGS to improve the quality of their teaching in the music schools, PGF will place his professional team in service to train all the teachers. During our journey, our team will teach for free to students of the School of Dimapur and Kohima: guitar lesson, music theory, history of music. Our teachers will share their knowledge whit the local teacher about pedagogy and music.



III. Concerts and Masterclasses.

Paris Guitar Foundation, with partnership of NCGS, organize a two weeks long of concerts, masterclasses, and workshops designed for a wide audience of listeners and students.

All of these activities will be fully supported by the donations received through Paris Guitar Foundation, which then also will cover the traveling expenses, and the accommodation during the stay. All of the work the team does during this project is totally voluntary.



IV. Budget


• Materials : The total of all the materials we have received (we still accept for more), Savarez gave us more than 300 strings

• Delivery of the materials : 1500€

• Team's transport  : 2700€ 

• Accommodation : 1100€ 


TOTAL : 5300€

Original Budget : 1800€


To accomplish our project we need another 2500€. If we received more money, in that case we will use the money to send more guitars and scores.



PGF Documentary "A Journey To India" :


Our aim is to raise the peoples’ interests for the guitar and to expand the public for the guitar music. For stimulating the news, our team carries out and films the documentaries and videos in order to put online for our Youtube Channel. Our work is completely a volunteer.




A documentary of our humanitarian action will be released a few weeks after on our Youtube Channel :




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