Napperon, les dessous upcyclés

Upcycled and unique pieces of lingerie cute, sexy and comfortable made from doilies.

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Napperon, les dessous upcyclés

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Napperon t-shirt


Estimated delivery: November 2021

Second hand t-shirt, found at Emmaus or in second hand shops with the logo embroidered on the heart by a seamstress from the Basque country. Black, grey, white or kaki depending on what you find and you will also get a little thank you card 💛
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The mimi panties


Estimated delivery: December 2021

- Price soon on the site: 39 euros - The panties can be worn low or high according to your desires, it always depends on how far you put them up! The model can be declined with the 3 types of doilies : - Aimé(e) : the mimi cotton panties - André(e) : the mimi crochet panties - René(e) : the mimi panties in veiling These panties are mixed, you just have to specify if you are male or female, in order to adapt the crotch ! 🔴 Don't forget, your panties will not be identical to the pictures, everything will depend on the placemat, they are unique pieces!
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