Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store

Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store – Your Pop-Up Vitrine on Belgian Talent. The best Belgian talent from 8 creative disciplines in one exhibition!

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Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store

Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store – Your Pop-Up Vitrine on Belgian Talent.  


In A Few Words


Our mission, to bring together the best Belgian talent from 8 creative disciplines for one exceptional exhibition and event!


The Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store is a 3 weeks long exhibition and space that showcases Belgium’s up and coming creative talent in Visual Arts, Cinema, Design, Fashion, Music, Gastronomy, Publishing and Dance.

We do this through an exhibition, constellated with happenings such as fashion shows, film screenings, concerts, talks, 2 gastronomic restaurants, and opportunities to discover, meet and brunch with creatives.


We bring you a talent concentrate to watch, wear, listen, read, feel, taste!  




Our story


Back in 2011, when we carried out a study for a large consultancy on the Belgian creative industry we discovered that Belgium is the 7th exporter of creative products worldwide and has the highest ratio of human creativity per square meters in the world! Yes, the ‘Belgian touch’ is becoming more and more recognised abroad.


Yet, creators very often lack the communication and entreprenaurial means necessary to promote their own talent and develop it into an economic activity, which means that there still is an immense amount of talent that remains undiscovered and untapped.


Since the creative industry contributes highly to employment, economic growth and country attractiveness, we realised that there was a need to apply the entrepreneur spirit to the Belgian creative sector.


With this intent the Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store was launched.


We boost and promote the Belgian creative economy by curating an exhibition space that becomes:

· A unique destination for people curious to discover Belgian creative talent

· An innovative place aiming at crossing various creative disciplines together

· A meeting place for Belgian creators encouraging exchanges of practices and innovation.  




Yes, and what now?


Last year’s first edition was a great success with 700m², 68 artists, 6 disciplines, and 3000 enthousiastic visitors.


But this year, we’re making it bigger, better, bolder!

This year: 1700m², 105 Artists, 8 disciplines, and a 10.000 visitors objective!


We’re showcasing an edgy and quality selection of Belgian confirmed and emerging talent across various disciplines: Visual Arts, Cinema, Design, Fashion, Music, Gastronomy, Publishing and Dance.


We are honored and excited to have internationally renowned ambassadors join us to bring you this selection of up and coming creators.


Meet our ambassadors:

Angel Vergara

Véronique Leroy

Tim Van Steenbergen

Elvis Pompilio

Nathalie Dewez

Diane Steverlynck

Jean-François D'or

Fien Troch

Fabrice Du Welz

An Pierlé

Mauro Pawlowski

Gilles Polet

Saskia de Coster

Caroline Lamarche

Maxime Collard


What next?


We’ve dreamt big and we’ve got bold but we need your help to make it happen!


1. Pick your perk

2. Spread the word and the love - about the campaign and the Pop Up Store

3. And attend one or more of our exclusive happenings


Invest in the project, make it yours, help promote Belgian Creativity


For now from us,




The Nationa(a)l team

Louis-Dorsan, Leopoldo, and Adeline


Allocation of funds

Help us support worthy upcoming talent!


Nationa(a)l Non-Profit is here to support Belgian creative talent, in several ways:


- Being a platform of communication and promotion for talented creators


- Allowing creators to test new markets, reaching new publics


- Being a place for intergenerational, interdisciplinary exchanges, promoting exploration and innovation



Artists enjoy the freedom of a platform where their talent can explode in any direction they want.

We are limited only by the funds available to us.


The more we manage to collect, the more spectacular the opening show will be, the more awesome the concerts will sound, and the more we will be able to communicate round the project, to the benefit of the 105 artists exhibited at the Nationa(a)l Po-p-Up Store!


Thank you so much for beliving in and supporting us!



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Our president, Adeline, wipes your ears, and the cue-tip gets exhibited during the whole duration of the event in a nice frame. You can choose to keep it or sell it! + Your name on the crowdfunders wall.
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Your company/organisation's advert in the exhibition catalogue. Available for free to all visitors. + Your name on the crowdfunders wall.
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