The NavLab is a digital manufacturing community workshop specialized in maritime projects with coworking spaces, workshops and digital tools

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The NavLab meet the need of the population to better understand daily objects, whether it is to be able to repair, modify or even build them. To this "consumer" dimension, the NavLab adds a "maritime" specialization, with the objective of helping projects connected to the sea and its environment.


At the NavLab, you will find a set of services and tools to help you, wether you are a professional, an amateur hobbyist, or a regular "do-it-yourselfer", to realize all sorts of projects.


The Workshop


The activity center of the NavLab is the Workshop, a meeting place where all ideas start. The workshop is equipped with regular tools, allowing to work with electronics, computers or carpentry. The workshop will also be equipped with two 3D printers, for digital manufacturing of small plastic parts.




The technical room


In addition to the workshop, there will also be a technical room where you will find the bigger and noisier tools: a laser cutter (to cut all kind of things with great accuracy), a drill press and a CNC miller (to do almost anything else the other tools can't!)






Are you tired of working on your own at home? Are you coming to the area and looking for a welcoming place to settle down with your laptop while waiting for your meeting? For people looking for a quiet place to work (such as professionnals on the way, start-ups founders etc...), the NavLab will offer coworking offices, with a WiFi Internet connection and all the necessary comfort to work!




Meeting room


Have you just had an idea? Do you feel the need to share a hot topic with the community? No worries, the NavLab meeting room is available, and can welcome up to 7 people. The meting room will also be housing the numerous trainings offered at the NavLab.




And everuthing else !


A sofa corner to chill out and chat around a cup of coffee, a kitchen to heat your lunch ans share a friendly meal among a welcoming community, this is the NavLab spirit!






This what the NavLab could look with your help!




Team presentation


Bruno Messin – Founder / FabManager


Bruno Messin - Porteur de projet / FabManager

After studying mobile robotics in Toulouse, Bruno worked for a company specialised in audiovisual systems integration. He was quicckly envolved as project manager of the intallation of the audiovisual, IT and electronics systems of luxuy yacht MY Sarafsa II (82m), beeing built at the naval shipyard of Devonport in Plymouth (UK).   After 4 years spent to work on this 3 million euros project, and once delivered, Bruno joined the luxury yacht MY Ice (90m) as onboard AV/IT engineer, and then the luxury yacht MY Ecstasea (86m) as Lead ETO (Lead Electro-Technical Officer), working there for more than 3 years.   While sailing around the world onboard this ship, Bruno understood the potential in opening a fabrication community workshop, specialised in yaching, and the great possibilities offered by digital manufacturing for this industry. After 3 years of onboard service, Bruno decided to launch the NavLab project in Antibes, world second mostly visited port in the yachting industry.

Allocation of funds

A small gesture for great ideas!


Even the smallest contribution means much more than a few euros! It is proof that, beyond words, you are willing to contribute to the project and bring your support. And that means a lot to us... so THANK YOU from the botton of my heart!


3000 € - funding completion


The NavLab project requires a fair amount of money to start: rent, tools, layout and furnitures, wages, medias... all this has a cost!


Without diging down to the details, let's just say we have included a 3000€ crowd funding participation whithin our budget plan. 


We are eager to get these 3000€ being collected through our KissKissBankBank crowdfunding campaign to launch the NavLab thanks to your support !!


200 KissBankers - make the project even more credible


The secondary objective of this campaign, is to make the project even more credible thanks to your support. To convince more banks and institutions, we would like to see at least 200 people contributing (even with only a few euros). Thanks to you, we will be able to tell everyone "Yes, the NavLab is a going concern".


A maximum of "share" - to let the world know about the project! 


Don't forget to share the campaign to your contacts as well. Apart from the vital financial side of the campaign, it is also a great opportunity to communicate about the project and let everybody know what we are doing !!

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