Nepali orphanage project

Improve the living conditions of our 22 new "little brothers"!

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Nepali orphanage project


In April 2015, there were more than 8,000 victims caused by the earthquake in Nepal, many people were injured and the infrastructure was heavily destroyed. Already the country is suffering from poverty and is in a dyer state therefore will need to rebuild everything and thus has effected the orphanage where we are working at.



Orphanage entrance


A week earlier, we both were strolling through the streets of Kathmandu with two kids from the orphanage, they showed us a beautiful house that looked abandoned. Bikram who is 13 years old said to us that before the earthquake they were living there but following the tremors it was too dangerous, so they all had to move to the current orphanage.



The classroom


Purba, 5 years old, always smiling, arrived in May 2015, he lost both his parents in the earthquake, however he shows an enormous amount of zest for life and nothing seems to deter him.



The family mini van


Today the children live in a new home less nice, but despite numerous help, it is still missing a lot for these young kids. Louis and I decided in addition to our voluntary period to call for your help!



Swimming with the kids


Our project was born in March 2016 whilst studying our first year of our masters degree in Business. As part of our gap year planning we decided to incorporate an humanitarian project. After careful consideration we felt the gap year would be the right time to participate in a voluntary program. It was now the time to find what and where!



Nirmala, 9 years old


Why Nepal? Initially we must admit that we only knew very little about Nepal, we knew it was a very poor country that suffered from a devastating earthquake in 2015. We were also interested in the culture of this country that seemed greatly different from Europe. In addition we were much attracted by the mountains which are a symbol of this country.   



The "Monkey temple"


Why an orphanage? We both have younger siblings  I often used to interact with other kids and to see them happy, going to help new "little brothers" was for me a very nice project. Louis also has a younger sister and always loved to play and laugh with children. From these facts we agreed to go on this type of project.  



Walk to a waterfall with children


What about after spending three weeks at the orphanage? Overall our main mission is to help children out of school hours. This involves drawing, singing, dancing, studiying. As a result they started to improve (some are even first of the classe). We play sports regulary ( soccer,hiking...) We also do physical tasks such as plowing, washing or repairing things in order to help them.



View of the sunset from the orphanage


We adapted ourself very easily to this new Life thanks to the generosity of poeple. they give us everything even if they have nothing! The orphanage is like a large family headed by a father and a mother like that which we call matter, as we previously said 22 little brothers. Just stay the food, as good french we miss our cheese and our baguette but we will make an effort!  



We received Tika during Dashain festival


The association  who permits us to collect donations is Cheer Up Toulouse. Cheer Up is an association fighting against cancer which organizes many events throughout the year and who helps children with cancer. Thanks to them, we can collect donations that will then be donated to the orphanage.



Allocation of funds

As part of our initiative we examined the children’s current situation and determined their most important needs. After a discussion with the father and his eldest daughter, we concluded that they require a new bathroom. The pipe linked to the showers and toilet uses polluted water from the river. It is imperative that they have a clean and fully functional bathroom. As a team, we put together a quote and calculated that it costs 1,500 Euros. This is considerably cheaper than an installation in Europe. With this in mind, we ask that you help these young individuals that go above and beyond to help others when they themselves have so little.



Street in Katmandu 

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