New Album Otto Kintet

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New Album Otto Kintet

UPDATE: Big thanks to all the Kisskissbankers to get this goal!

We still need some money to pay the musicians (1300€) and for the promotion (1750€) so that we can become world famous in Belgium and the Netherlands.

NEW GOAL --------> 7550€ !!!!!!


Otto Kintet is a Jazz-quintet based in Brussels.

Messing around with sounds and grooves, the unique compositions of bass player Otto Kint create a very original but accessible sound. Otto Kintet’s first EP, released in March 2017, is definitely jazzy with a twist. Owning up to its cinematic aspects, soundscaping and hints of rock music, the band has left quite the impression on the underground music scene in Brussels.

The new album has that typical Otto Kintet-vibe written al over it. But the sound has matured and gained depth and attitude. Qualities that open up the way to a bigger stage.

Already mixed and ready for mastering, all this album needs is a little financial push and some love from the fans!

Otto Kint - Bass, compositions

Lukas Somers - Guitar

Jeroen Capens - Tenor Sax

Martin Salemi - Keys
Daniel Jonkers - Drums

Allocation of funds

In november 2017 Otto Kintet recorded its new album. Afterwards, the band got to work. Mixes are done, videoclips have been edited, a magical masterplan was put in place ...

We still need some support to finish the deal!
-Graphic Design: €300
-mastering: €600
-printing cd: €1000
-Printing vinyl: €1400
-online distribution: €200
-Sabam: €1000
Total: €4500 

Of course, extras are welcomed with open arms! This money would go to:

- Fees for the musicians (for the amazing job they did for free in the studio!)
- Promotion of the album (online, radio, magazines)
- RECORDING THE NEXT ALBUM!!!! (new music is being written as we speak)

You will get your copy of the album on the pre-release concert on 22/9/18 or it will drop a few days later in your mailbox at home.


The money will be transfered to the account of VZW Voiture d'Enfant. This is a non profit company who supports Otto Kintet in the making of this album. The money will be used entirely on the making and release of this album.


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