I want to record a new album about 12 people who changed my life forever...


The project

When I moved from New Orleans to Munich, I realized that I really had to start all over. I mean I knew I was going to before leaving, but it was when I actually started living here that it struck me hard. I could no longer brush it off as something I could just deal with later. 


It's a blessing really to be able to start fresh with people, sure, but also a difficult struggle at times to find new friendships and to feel that I can belong...to not feel like the foreigner, or the outsider. 


Because of this, naturally I grew nostalgic. I started thinking about the people who were/are essential to me becoming who I am...




Of course, there were countless names I could think of, but I narrowed them down to a core 12. 


12 people who are absolutely essential to my daily life. 12 people I think of regularly for various different reasons. 12 people who in their own unintentional way shaped and molded me with their care, creativity, and their humility. 






I owe so much to my friends. I've decided that my goal is to make an album of dedication to these people where each song appreciates and exposes the diverse and magnificent aspects of their unique personalities. I want to pay tribute to the goodness they spread into my life, and continue to spread into the world. 




A few months ago, as part of a film project, I was able to record one of the songs for the "friend album."


It's about my friend George. He is a humble, talented, open-hearted, sensitive, and silly man.


This is for him: 





Me and George together:




This was us on the radio together promoting our band Biglemoi:



Why fund it?

When I moved, I was forced to take a step back from my friendships and see them from a literal distance. That's when I truly became aware of how much I need these friends in my life. To keep me sane, in a way. 


This album will be a testament of appreciation. I want to thank those who stood as a suit of armor for me when I needed them. These are the people who even though they are across the ocean they protect, comfort, and entertain me here with the memories we share together. The memories and of course, the music.


Music is probably the strongest and most important connecting strand between the 12 and myself. Being a Singer/Songwriter, it's really the only appropriate gift I can/should give back to them. Music speaks a language that the 12 and I understand far better than with words. 


But I need money to do it, because I want to make sure that EVERY person who has anything to do with this record getting produced gets fair payment for their work. 



Aside from recording the songs in a proper studio, there is a lot that needs to be done. This is what your donations will go to:


-Recording, Mixing, and MasteringWorking with the engineer/musician Tim Hecking from The Parade EP to bring you quality-produced material, and then preparing the new songs for Physical and Digital Release. 

3,500 Euros





-Album Artwork: I am working with a Munich-based designer from Brazil named Gui Athayde to make a distinctly unique album cover with a booklet entailing the stories of the people in the songs and relevance they had in my life.

500 Euros


Gui Athayde Design & Illustration


-CD Production: I will be printing the CDs along with the covers and booklets right here in Munich at Cube Media. I work with a wonderful guy named Alexander Kühl who ensures that the safety, precision, and quality of the discs/covers are taken care of properly.

1,000 Euros


If we exceed the goal of projected costs, the excess money will go towards printing vinyls, posters, and bags!!








Contributing to this project is contributing to something you can give to your own friends. Use this opportunity to reflect on your own relationships and you can see how each person you keep close offers something special. Some day they might be an ocean away...


Overall, this is just me trying to say:






I'm an American Singer-Songwriter from New Orleans, LA. Recently playing for Munich’s Hauskonzerte series and being PULS Radio’s Artist of the Week in December 2015, I'm continuing to promote my most recent work, The Parade EP. I've played for the national arts organization RAW: Natural Born Artists, and the international video series, Balcony TV,... See more

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