Nicolas Vidal / Les nuits sereines n'existent pas

Discover and participate in Nicolas Vidal’s new album “Les nuits sereines n’existent pas”, where French pop meets light darkness.

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Nicolas Vidal / Les nuits sereines n'existent pas

Hello Everyone.


My name is Nicolas Vidal, and I am a French pop songwriter who has been writing songs for a decade. My first album, “Des Ecchymoses” (Bruises), was released in 2011 after having different experiences in theatre, radio, fashion, and photography and  of course, live on stage in various, music venues in Paris. 


As an 80’s kid, I am an electropop artist singing French (and sometimes English) lyrics and composing music inspired by Glam and New wave sounds and French synthpop.


Discover Balboa, new song from the album "Les nuits sereines n'existent pas"  



Robyn, Martin Gore, Françoise Hardy, Au Revoir Simone, Carine Roitfeld, and Rocky Balboa are some of the inspirations that I try to use with lightness and parcimony. while blending them with my many other references. 




My songs speak of impossible love stories, non-existing, serene nights, 35-year-old teenagers, and boys identifying as girls. 


If you are a boy, a girl, a lesbian boy, a feminist, or even a girl who loves boys who love girls who likes boys, you will definitely  like them.


Below you will find a sample of those songs.




Allocation of funds

The album is titled “Les nuits sereines n’existent pas” (Serene nignts don’t exist), and will be recorded and produced with Thierry Garracino, a French musical producer.





However, I need your help to be able to finish recording the album and creating this fabulous CD. Part of my project is already financed by a music grant and my personal investment, but your support could help me attain the remaining funds needed to complete the album.  The amount of entire budget is 6500 Euros and will be spent in the following manner:




If we are able to reach the goal and go beyond, every penny will be spent on promoting the album, creating a more beautiful packaging, and producing more CDs that will allow me to reach a larger audience. All this thanks to your help.


While you are waiting for the album to be finished, you will have the chance to choose between two, brilliant album covers created by Sophie Pechaud and Kevin Lebon.





You will also have the chance to own an additional CD, which includes different song covers (Robyn, Beyoncé, Chris Garneau, & Charlotte Gainsbourg) and several accoustic versions of my songs, a photo pack (taken by me) that inspired the album, and many others things...


Everyone who participates, no matter the amount donated, will receive before anyone else, “Teenager,” a four-song EP with an exclusive title, “Amore,” that will not be included on the album. 


Serene nights may not exist, but you will receive, nevertheless, my gratitute, an enourmous thank you, and hopefully,  great pleasure listening to these songs.



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