Help us build 1st community-oriented platform for future interns. Let's create better career-opening opportunities, let's make it right!


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Kate & Patrick

Hello, we are Kate and Patrick! About Kate: On her last year of MSc in Psychology studies, interested in social marketing and internet marketing. Experienced in branding, and building marketing strategies. About Patrick: Recently finished studies, completed BSc in IT (Software Engineering, Networking), the adventure with software development... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ What countries you will be available in?

It really depends on circumstances, we would love to make an initial launch worldwide, but we may not be able to contact all the universities universities and companies, due to many reasons including language barriers and limited budget for marketing.

Taking that into account some features may not be initially available in every country, but we will do our best to add them as fast as possible.

+ What will you do when overfunded?

First of all, this will give us chance to work more on the project and therefore launch it faster.

In addition to this, more funds will allow us to outsource "language services" for languages we don't know well enough and make an initial, fully featured launch in more countries.
If any money is left we will try to allocate it in other social projects (e.g. through crowdfunding) or use for our "active approach" on creating career-opening opportunities.

+ Will your platform always be free?

Yes! The platform is created having people in mind and therefore it will be free of charge for each and every person.

Besides that, all universities which accept our partnership will receive free of charge tools and access to companies using our platform.

Because maintenance and development generate expenses we will have to charge companies who would like to use our services. We will try to make sure our fees are much lower than any competitor offers and will be adjusted according to each country individually - we don't want to burden companies with more expenses, we just need to make sure we can cover the expenses.

+ What do you gain from this project?

Mostly an enormous amount of satisfaction from completing the challenge.

We also get (at least we hope) a great number of new friends, "family" - that is you, who supports us.

We also hope to gain people trust and get chances to collect funds for out other projects once this one comes to "steady" phase.

In case there is a need to solely focus on the platform (e.g. rapid growth) we will also receive basic salary to cover leaving our jobs. (No need to hide that fact, since we believe it sounds reasonable)

+ What do I get from helping you?

You will get our eternal gratitude, that's for sure!

In addition you may choose to get a reward for your pledge and there is nothing wrong with doing it.

It's not all though, by funding us you will become a part of this project, we will not remember about it on every possible occasion, whether it comes to some events, programmes or changes, we will keep in touch with you, ask for your opinion, let you express yourself.

+ What does "backup" category means in your budget plan?

Backup is nothing but an amount of money left to be freely used to cover any unexpected costs. There is no specific purpose that money will be spent for, in case nothing unpredicted happens they will be moved towards marketing budget.

If you wish to know what is covered by each category do not hesitate to ask us a question. We will answer as soon as possible with all the details we can share.

+ What is a legal form of the project?

The project has not yet established its legal form. As soon as the funds are successfully pledged UK-based private limited company will be registered. After all administrative tasks are handled, we will apply to convert PLC company to Community Interest Company (CIC), more about CIC:

We believe CIC is a perfect match for legal form to meet our goals (all profits must be invested in company's growth or in the community).

If there will be requirement for registering in any other countries we will look for the closest CIC match and handle registration appropriately.