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International exchanges are a great opportunity to discover the world and other cultures. It is also the chance to exchange, always exchange, with everyone, as much as possible to learn, to discover, to become better and to build oneself.  Thanks to ICN Business School, a hundred of German and French students have been able to settle in Nuremberg. This beautiful Bavarian city offers a mix of history and modernity with a strong cultural context. And it is in this sharing environment that the idea came to a few ICN students to pursue this discovery of Germany inside the school and so created “Notre chez nous” (“Our own place”).


But what is “Notre chez nous”? 


This is a project promoting cultural exchanges inside the campus. So, a media librairy with books, films, board games will be available for students.


The aim ?


To learn more on German and French cultures and to make this unique experience, an added value.




Who is behind this project ?        





Allocation of funds

Thanks your participation we will can create our medialibrary on this way: Screen_shot_2016-10-25_at_17.33.02-1477409604


If thanks to you our objectives are overtaken we shall buy either an overhead projector to view movies (if the surplus sum allows it us), or to buy more movies books and games!


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