Nouvel album des Noces Gitanes

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Nouvel album des Noces Gitanes



For almost 10 years Les Noces Gitanes have embarked their audiences on a colourful, musical voyage. From the Balkans to Andalucia on through the Maghreb, the group offers a richly unique show, merging the styles of the Mediterranean peoples into a joyful and energetic presentation. 




Les Noces Gitanes is in residency over the fall to bring to their audiences a new, explosive adventure through the gipsy lands. A new album will be released in spring 2015 to continue the journey. But, because we are an independent, unsigned group, this album will not be possible without your help!


You can listen to our music here:



It's up to you to decide how much you would like to contribute to our project. Every bit helps and allows us to continue our adventure! 




Allocation of funds

Costs of putting an album together:

-  1000 euros : Rental of professional material for the recording (microphones, consoles, cables, etc.)

-  1000 euros : Recording

-  1000 euros : Mix

-   500 euros : Mastering

-   500 euros : Graphic design of the new album cover

-   2000 euros : fabrication of 2000 cds 




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