Nouvel album "Les grands oiseaux"

Laisser le souffle des grands oiseaux passer au dessus de vos têtes... Help me to bring out my last cd

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Nouvel album "Les grands oiseaux"

The big birds are the travelers, the nomads, all the artists and "crazy" people who inspired me. People like the albatross in Baudelaire's poem, whose giant wings are preventing them from easily walking on the ground. The song itself was inspired by a moment of awakening, during a walk in the Belgian Ardennes, when suddenly a flock of cranes passed in the sky. Somehow all my songs have something to do with these moments when another time is penetrating the "normal" daily sense of time.


Last year, I experimented with Jacob in an improvised studio in an empty castle. We were looking for a sound that was faithful to that of my solo concerts. We were not satisfied with the result but we understood better what we were looking for. Now after a few recording sessions in Jacob's living room in a simpler and more spontaneous way, we feel ready to share the result with you.

On this cd, you will hear 12 tracks composed and written by me, except for a poem from William Blake

 Jacob added some voices, percussions and organ now and then, and Philippe Thuriot plays on "les Grands Oiseaux"


Jacob Vermeulen: "When I heard Catherine sing for the first time I was moved to tears. It was a small private concert in a living room. She was accompanying herself with all kind of instruments in an original and minimalistic way and creating a very poetic universe. I followed a few singing lessons with her and then we decided to collaborate on her new album. I had to convince Catherine of the strength of the simple accompaniment she gives to her songs. It enhances the authenticity of her writing and her singing. No, she is not a real accordionist and not a ukulele virtuoso but she creates a very unique sound. The blending of the music with her warm voice and poetry makes you travel. And it has made me highly motivated to be the producer of this album."



Wouter Claeys – the drawings

Philippe Thuriot – accordion on "Les Grands Oiseaux"

Lode Vercamp – cello on "D'autres pays"

Zeger Vandenbussche – clarinet on "Le Sable et le Sel"

We thank Maarten Viaene for his technical support and enthusiasm and Rudy Cleemput for his help.

Allocation of funds

If you want to support this project and listen to the album, you can help us finance the following costs:


1.000 euro for the printing of the booklet

   500 euro for the pressing of the cd's

   500 euro for drawing and cover design

   500 euro for recording costs : mastering and Jacob's work




 2500 euro



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Estimated delivery: July 2015

Individual singing course/atelier Feldenkrais + vegetarian meal cooked by Catherine.
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