Nuits sonores & European Lab Tanger

Support the free, cultural & collaborative festival, for Tangier & Morocco's youth ! 3rd edition from 7 to 11 october 2015.

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Nuits sonores & European Lab Tanger





All began by a thunderbolt for the "City of the Straits". Tangier is a truly evocative city for Journey. It is also well aware of our cultural roots. Tangier is filled with memories of the legendary rock culture, of the beat generationinternational cultural icons came here to start afresh, mingle amongst the riff raff or simply lose themselves, from Brian Jones and Mick Jagger who came for a share of the Gnawa spirit till William Burroughs, who wrote The Naked Lunch at the Tangerinn, a small cult bar by the sea. A swathe of American literary figures bloomed here including Alan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Paul Bowles. It is a mythical city for painters - Matisse, Delacroix and Bacon have all graced the streets of Tangier. This city also fascinated Yves Saint-Laurent, Winston Churchill (whose pictures are still proudly displayed in the historic hotel lobby of El Minzah) Liz Taylor, Forbes, Jean Genet, Tahar Ben Jelloun and Joseph Kessel. It's today a changing city, which is reinventing itself, and which must, in this complicated times, keep its intimate bond with culture and creation.





Nuits sonores Tangier is the kind of festival you’ll want to tell everyone about...but also keep just for yourself. It’s also the kind of festival so rare you don't want to talk about as it will remain for ever a well-kept secret. It’s an indescribable moment, suspended from the southern shores of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads between Europe and Africa. Think dazzling streets with children rushing about, the scents of orange blossom, spicy sensations, the chaos of the Kasbah and abrupt sea winds.




European Lab Tanger, it's an unseen and essential moment of togetherness and exchange between cultural actors of the two shores of the Mediterranean : artists, project leaders, citizens involved in cultural issues.





Nuits sonores & European Lab Tanger are preparing their third edition with the same unique ambition : to build in the extraordinary north-moroccan metropolis a free, generous and collaborative cultural event, developed by artistic and cultural activists from Tangier and Lyon, France and Morocco, Europe and Maghreb.


To maintain the project's independance, totally free with a high-quality programwe need YOU.








Adil Hiani, Amine Boucetta, Banana Frite (Baleapop Crew), Camera, Cheveu,, Civil Civic, Daox, E.T.S.U, Étienne Jaumet, Fazee, Hadda Ouaki, Halawella (Zeid Hamdan & Maryam Saleh), Kosme, M'aâlem Reda Stitou, Magic Tarbouch', Mambo Chick, Mehmet Aslan, Mobydick, Moxie, N'Zeng, Nehji, One Of Us, P errine, Polyswitch, Sacha Mambo, Sayfl7a9, Souleance, Tiko (Under Kontrol), Visitors For Reworks, Wall Of Death, Yasmean, Zombie Zombie...





Houda Zlali (Chifae Association), Tahar Elqoour (Chifae Association), Hicham Bouzid (Le 18, Der El Ferrane), Jacques Chenuil (Soleil de Fes), Jaouad Essounani (Dabateatr), Silvia Coarelli (Lilith Tanger), Ferdinand Richard (A.M.I), l'Union européenne des Radios (UER-EBU), Hicham El Kebbaj (Essaouira Gnaoua Festival), Halim Sbai (Tagaralte Festival & Caravane Culturelle pour la Paix), Saïd Sabir (Tanja Street Art), José Kamal (Dakhla Festival), Hervé Riesen (Eurosonic), Laurent Marceau (EBU), Hendryk Proske (ARD MDR, Sputnik Radio), Gerrit Kerremans (VRT Radio), Jan Sneum (Digital Radio DRP3), Jacqueline Caux (Filmmaker), Maryam Saleh (Artist), Hadda Ouaki (Artist), Bouchra Salih (Contemporanean Dance International Festival of Marrakech), Mohamed Mohrari (Festival L'Boulevard), Laila Hida (Photographe), Mohamed Abdou Elaoui (Transahara), Abdeslam Alaoui (Artist), Guillaume Magazine (D-side), Laurent Grumel (Cosmo Records), Younes Taleb (Artist), Yasmine El Kerouani (Medi1), Julien Amicel (Dar Al-Ma'Mûn), Tarik Elamile (Artist), Vincent Cavaroc (Gaîté Lyrique), Léa Morin (Tangier's Cinémathèque), Stéphanie Gaou (Les Insolites Librairy), Valérie Liais du Rocher (The Souk), Yasmine Shaki (Artist), Anne-Caroline Jambaud (Journalist), Mohsine El Ahmadi (Professor of Political Sociology in Marrakech)…



Allocation of funds




Nuits sonores et European Lab Tangier are unique, and 100% FREE. But also FRAGILE.


We aim to strengthen the independence, co-development, local management and sustainability of this festival and forum in Tangier. But since its creation in 2013, the Arty Farty association has supported over 50% for the double project financially.

Participatory mobilisation has emerged as the best way to pursue a project that touches the hearts of the public and the artists, in order to make Nuits Sonores & the European Lab Tangier a community project.


In 2013, we allowed ourselves 3 years to consolidate the project, all while respecting what we believe to be most important:

- Putting together an adventurous and participatory project with a varied, high-quality program,

- Keeping the whole of the festival and forum program free,

- Making sure the festival and the forum remain independent.


These three essential elements are the foundation of the project and the basis for its very identity. To keep them at the forefront, we need YOU.






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