NYC Yoga - New yoga concept coming to Lorraine, France - It's HOT!

Help us finance our project, we are exhausted from limiting ourselves to pasta dishes.

Project visual NYC Yoga - New yoga concept coming to Lorraine, France - It's HOT!
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NYC Yoga - New yoga concept coming to Lorraine, France - It's HOT!

Hello!!! Welcome to NYC Yoga. A new yoga studio opening in Nancy, France... and we need your help! The desire to create our own yoga studio was born during the confinement. In the middle of the health crisis, especially at the beginning of 2020, during the first confinement in France, we were afraid, very afraid, we were locked up, we missed our family very much and so our morale was broken by what was happening in the whole world, that's why we decided to get back into yoga. Then, as soon as we forced ourselves to do yoga every day during this period of captivity, we found our daily focus, we became interested in our physical and mental health, we paid attention to our diet and we turned our attention away from the external disasters. Our practice allowed us to reduce stress and avoid the depressions that some of us unfortunately experienced. It not only improved our lives, but we didn't want to stop! We didn't want to go back to our terrible restaurant jobs, we wanted to continue to be surrounded by wellness, health, and physical improvements, and we especially wanted to get back into hot yoga. However, we saw that there were no centers that offered hot yoga in Lorraine........ This is what triggered our project! Our project NYC Yoga will be a yoga studio that offers group classes in various styles of yoga. First, we will be teaching Hatha Yoga, a rather gentle form of yoga that is ideal for beginners. We will also offer classes in Prenatal Yoga, a type of yoga especially adapted to pregnant women. We will also be teaching Vinyasa Yoga, a much more dynamic style. Hot Yoga is the main form of yoga we will be offering, a yoga session offered in a room heated to 37 degrees. In addition to our group classes, a collection of yoga clothes from the brand "Yoga Searcher" will be on sale and a "Yogi Bar" to enjoy a moment of relaxation and a non-alcoholic drink.

Allocation of funds

3,000 euros to bring the sun to Lorraine (North-East of France). The investment cost for the infrared lamps that will heat the room to 37 degrees. Without this, we will not be able to make you sweat during the yoga sessions! 2,500 euros to smell like roses. Doing yoga in a room heated to 37 degrees celcius? But .... we risk smelling like the New York City subway. That's why we have to install showers to feel fresh when we leave our studio. 2,000 euros to take you to New York. We promised you a New York style decoration! We need paint, brick walls, graffiti.... we won't tell you everything, it's a surprise. 1,500 euros to put things on your butt. Not everyone is into naked yoga, even though it's a great concept! So we'll have to create a mini store of yoga clothes from the brand YogaSearcher, ecological and super great quality sports clothes. 1,000 euros for the creation of the yogi bar! We need coconut shaped glasses, refreshing and organic fruits, comfortable couches and maybe a little bit of water. #hydration The crowding campaign is not free. There are two fees, the commission of KISSKISSBANK of 8% and the purchase of the counterparts around 10%. We are freaking out! The KKBB platform works on the principle of all or nothing. If we don't reach the goal at the end of the campaign, then we don't collect any donations and everyone is refunded.


Maya says Namaste


A big namaste from Maya (The Namaste gesture symbolizes the belief that there is a divine light in each of us), Thank you very much for your contribution!

Tree Lovers!


Participate with us and plant a beautiful tree with reforestACTION.

NYC Tote Bag


An awesome NYC tote bag for yoga! Perfect for holding your yoga clothes, towel or mat!

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Hot yoga


We offer you a hot yoga session at the opening of our studio and a refreshing drink at our yogi bar!

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Package # 1


NYC yoga farting pigeon mug NYC yoga tote bag

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Package # 2


NYC Yoga farting pigeon mug NYC Yoga tote bag NYC Yoga t-shirt

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Package # 3


NYC Yoga farting pigeon mug NYC Yoga tote bag NYC Yoga t-shirt NYC Yoga mat + brick

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Ready for Yoga


Package # 3 : Farting pigeon mug NYC yoga tote bag NYC yoga T-shirt Yoga mat and brick + 1 Hot yoga class

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Detox Month


1 month unlimited membership NYC Yoga 1 month vitamin FitLine detox program, contains two vitamin drinks per day for 30days (119 euros value) 1 box of delicious FitLine protein bars

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Full start up package


Package #3 : Mug, Tote bag, T-shirt, Yoga mat and block Yogasearcher outifit (sports bra and leggings) 7 day unlimited free hot yoga class 1 free drink at our yogi bar

Estimated delivery: September 2022

Custom made dress or suit


You have an event coming up? Do you need a seamstress for your wedding dress or a suit? Sido is DIOR's fashion designer! She can create anything and will design the perfect outfit for you. *The extra cost of the fabric but the design/creation is free!

Estimated delivery: September 2022

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