Objectif braqué sur l'Inde

A Responsible and ecological photo report in India by three geography students. Our succeed will be yours !

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Objectif braqué sur l'Inde



Currently studying urban planning and Geography, our aim is to go to India for two months.


Our interest in India is primarily derived from the multitude of cultures that exist there. Our objective is to pay careful attention to the communities and the way that people live and communicate these themes through photography. We want to know how said community members use their environment (housing, cities, neighborhood, workplace and so on). 


To follow us step by step during our trip, you will be able to see our pictures and also check our itinerary with this link:                                               


Carnet de bord - Road Trip 





As you will see, your donation will be put to good use. We’ve already bought our plane tickets thanks to our savings, but we need you to give us the means tocreate a book documenting our journey.As we want to draw in a larger public, we would like to organize a cafe-geo with S-pace, an organization gathering geographic students of Nantes.  In addition, we are thinking about doing a photo exposition at Nantes, if time and money allow.


You are of course invited to attend these events. 








“While I have already travelled abroad I have gone nowhere aspotentially disorienting as India. These two months willallow me to discover a different lifestyle, meet new people and share their culture. Thanks to my studies I have developed a taste for everything related tothe environment. I am fascinated by all kinds of art but especially street art. I never travel without my camera, so you can be sure to see many pictures.”


Here you can see examples of my last adventure in Vancouver:












“Through the places I have visited, I have developed a taste for adventure and the discovery of new cultures. This trip will be both apersonal and geographic challenge. It is for this reason that I see this project as aculmination of my 5 years studying geography. My primary goal in this adventure will be the study of urban spaces and living conditions, and my photographical focus will be the different people that we’ll meet along the way.”


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“As I have never left Europe; this will be my first time truly out of my comfort zone.  I have always been attractedtoIndia by the cultural and spiritual elements and for the cuisine as well.  My interest was piqued by a friend who told me everything about her year spent in India. 

I love urban spaces; in my opinion this photo project is the opportunity to show the urban landscape and the Indian city scapes with a geographic point of view.”




Allocation of funds



For us, it is important to adopt a sustainabletravel model that is respectful of the environment and the population. The money earned thanks to you will allow us before our departure to buy the equipment necessary to visit some of the more remote places; where living conditions are more difficult and requiresuch things as specific bottles and mosquito nets. 


This fund will also help us to cover the expenses of the campaign (kisskissbankbank, adds and flyers). 


The budget given for each category represents only a part of the money that we need to realize our project. Your participation will be an enormous help for us.








Our ideal accommodations would be home stays. Wewish to meet people able to guide us in remote areas. We want to stay with real people in order to get close to what is important to us; the discovery of the way that people live in different areas (urban, suburban and country).


Our main aim is to help the local economy by frequenting sustainable businesses. The most important thing for us is to avoid big touristic organizations. We plan on contacting an NGO that offers meetings with inhabitants in poor areas, which is an important step in our project. The NGO then recommends local guides who we want to tip, etc. You are not only helping us therefore but also the people that we are going to meet. Our aim is to discover this country without generating a negative impact for the inhabitants nor the environment.


Our goal is to get 1500 Euros (1700 dollars).

The more money we raise, the more we will be able to visit unusual places and give you interesting pictures. 


This is our project.  As you have understood; we are asking you to take partand help us on our way.


We are happy to communicate more with you about this project so feel free to comment or ask questions!







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