Objectif Transat Classique 2019 !

Participate in the restoration and new adventures of Khayyam, a Classic Sailing Boat born in 1939!

Project visual Objectif Transat Classique 2019 !
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Objectif Transat Classique 2019 !

Sailors for our pleasure and in regattas for many years, we had a dream: to acquire a beautiful classic sailboat and to make a Transat.

So we embarked on a project a little crazy: restore this 18-meter sailing boat born in 1939 in the Netherlands and make the Transat Classique, a regatta of classic boats that leaves from Lanzarote to the Canaries on January 8, 2019 and arrives in Saint Kitts in the West Indies.

The boat is in Douarnenez at Y&Y Tanguy Schipyard for a year and we plunged into the unknown of the restoration of a classic sailboat, with many surprises, sometimes doubts but we discovered a fascinating world: the specialized shipyards in wooden boats. An impressive accumulated know-how, a lot of admiration and pride also contribute to the preservation and durability of such a beautiful unity.

Today, we have advanced the restoration. The hull, the structure and many essential points have been reviewed, repaired or replaced.

Little by little, with 4000 hours of work on the Shipyard, we saw Khayyam become beautiful again and prepare to sail again for many years. We are "almost" ready.

If we do not regret anything, despite everything, our budget has exploded and we seek your help to finish in good conditions this restoration and go to the end of our dream of Transatlantic.


Allocation of funds

We have a few weeks left to finish the preparation of the boat ... We still have to buy a number of equipments, all the electronics on board and the security equipments for the Transat, and we have also to finish the installation of the engine and various equipments.

The sum collected will be given to Khayyam Sailing Yacht company and will help us finance some of the investments below.


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