OCA Lodge , Luxury Kite Resort - Hôtel d'exception

The Ultimate Paradise For Kiteboarders, The OCA LODGE, Luxury Kite Resort #OCALODGE

Project visual OCA Lodge , Luxury Kite Resort - Hôtel d'exception
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OCA Lodge , Luxury Kite Resort - Hôtel d'exception

Located near Barrinha Beach (Ceara, Northeast Brazil), the OCA Lodge has a perfect location for exploring the kitesurfing spots.

With its Wooden structure (Eucalyptus), the OCA Lodge takes its name from the traditional brazilian construction with palms leaves. (see below)

The OCA Lodge will retain all the charm of traditional brazilian homes with its luxury bungalows, built with eucalyptus essence, with private pool and will deliver all the comfort to our guests for a stay close to perfection.

Our goal is to combine a tourist and sporting experience and a quality of service blocked to its maximum.

The OCA LODGE will include:
            - 5 double bungalows with private pool. (10 in total thereafter)
            - 1 restaurant with 30 seats.
            - 1 bar.
            - 1 Fitness and Spa Center
            - 1 reception - souvenir shop / mini-market
            - 1 kitesurf center located directly on the beach for lessons, downwind, and other activities.

The Kitecenter :

This idea has been in my head since 2006.
At that time, I worked in the Hospitality Industry for the European Leader in Tourism, from front-desk, to manager.

In 2009, I decided to become an instructor of watersports: Kitesurf (on water), Snowkite (on snow) and Landboard (on land), Stand up paddle, ...
After more than 1500 students, about 20 countries and different professional experiences in this area (as instructor, chief instructor, shop manager, school manager or personnal trainer), the idea of mixing my two professions (hotel and watersports) seemed to me obvious.

In 2011, working on a small paradise atoll of the Cook Islands (200 km west of French Polynesia), I became friend with one of my students, Thiago from Brazil.
Northeastern Brazil is known for its breathtaking wind statistics.
Neither one nor two, the idea was born: "And what if we built our own Hotel for Kitesurfers!"

The idea has come a long way since, and "Thiago my friend" has become "Thiago meu parceiro (my partner)".
In 2016, we finally found the perfect land for this project in the fisherman village of "Barrinha", next to Préà and Jericoacoara in the Ceara.
After servicing the land, our first bungalow came out of the ground early this year.

- Thiago Mendes Rabailloli: Brazilian friend and business partner, he is an indispensable element to our equation. He knows perfectly Brazil, its various markets (such as wood and stone: very important for construction to buy raw materials at the most competitive price), but also the laws and customs of the country for a easy integration, fast and perfect. Manager of a large farm in Brasilia, Thiago wants to change sector because the market of fruits and vegetables has become very fluctuating and complicated to predict nowadays. He became a kitesurf instructor in 2014.

- Romain Guibard: Your humble servant has worked in the tourist/hotel industry for almost 10 years then in the kitesurfing industry since. I have the necessary experience and the customer network to launch such a project.
This project is the culmination of MY professional life, which YOU are a part of, because, it must be said, nothing would have been possible without YOU!
cv vidéo (english)

     - BGE : Thanks for all the help for the Business Plan:
     - CIC : Bank of Auxonne
     - L 'est républicain : newspaper from Besançon
     - CS3D : French leader "avant-garde" of printing 3D solutions.

Allocation of funds

We bought the land in September 2016.
At this point, the financial contribution for obtaining the investor visa is 40000 €, which was perfect for our initial project.
But this law changed in October 2016! NO LUCK!
And the financial contribution goes from 40000 to 120000 €.
What to do?
Give it up?
Resell the land and take different directions?
At the same time, the exceptional Firm Virgin Limited Edition (Group of Sir Richard Branson) hired me to become a personal kitesurf trainer of the Branson family. Being around the Branson Family was a fantastic experience, I must admit.
Sir Richard Branson is a colorful character, with a unique vision of hospitality and business in general.
I asked myself, "What would do Sir Richard if he was in the same situation?"
Would he abandon the project? No !
It would develop a new, even more ambitious project at the level of the required funds.
After a market study and several business plans, we arrived at THE OCA LODGE, an luxury resort for Kitesurfers.

Crowdfunding seemed the obvious solution.
To allow Our Customers to invest in our project by pre-booking exceptional stays to practice, learn and/or improve in this Sport-Passion: Kiteboarding.
The more we pre-book, the sooner we can complete our project.
You are indispensable in this project.

Link to the Business Plan : OCA LODGE Business Plan


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