Offrons le meilleur de la France avec My French Lifeguard

My French Lifeguard provides turnkey services to expats like housing, phone plans, banking and much more. Enjoy a stay stress-free!

Project visual Offrons le meilleur de la France avec My French Lifeguard
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Offrons le meilleur de la France avec My French Lifeguard

Settling in France is very difficult for expats


France welcomes each year more than 500 000 expatriates (young working persons, scholars, interns...), among those are 300 000 exchange students.


They will sadly have to face many national problems:


1. French paperwork

They will discover the joy of forms, file building, acknowledgment letters, online forms to be sent by regular mail, etc. 


2. Waiting periods

Almost an hour to get a transportation card, closed booths between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm, up to 3 weeks to get a credit card... Losing all this time when staying in France for 4 ou 5 months can quickly become a real nightmare.


3. No French guarantor

No French guarantor? No accommodation! The rules are strict and no owner will take the risk of not being paid.


4. Langage bareer

Our bankers, insurers, real estate agents, customer services, counselors, websites, etc. do not speak english! "French only" and good luck if you don't understand a thing.


As you understand French reality doesn't usually match the French dream. Despite many qualitites - like gastronomy or heritage that still make the whole world dream about France - the arrival is a real shock for those students or young working people that will think twice abour coming back.


Here is the paradox: we are proud to present our heritage and French specialities but essential needs are left aside.


This difference between visitors' expectations and reality is bad for the image of France: the story told by these people when they're back home testifies of malfunctions in our country and contributes to France's devaluation worldwide.



Indeed how could one benefit from France's beauty and culture with no accommodation, credit card or phone?





Tired of seeing foreign universities stop their partnerships with French ones, Australian people lost in the depth of the French adminstration or Asian students scammed by fake landlords, My French Lifeguard has created simple essential services adapted to expats: housing, banking and many more are now easy to access, in English.

All our services are sold turnkey: subscription, assistance, termination, our team handles everything.







To be able to provide accommodation to these expats who do not easily access traditional channels (real estate agencies, private owners...) we rent empty apartments ourselves for long periods, furnish them (fridge, washing machine...) and install internet, electricity, water... 


Our landlords are happy! We rent their apartment for 3 years sparing them maintenance, vacancies, deteriorations, outstanding debts, squat... 


BEFORE | Empty, faded apartments for rent for at least 9 months




AFTER | Renovated all equipped and furnished apartements for rent for 1 month or more






Louis and Hubert, both 23 and expatriated from the North of France to Lyon. We gradutated college last year and launched this project 3 years ago while we were still in college after we saw how easy it was to settle in countries we studied for a year (Canada, Finland, Poland, U.K) compared to difficulties we had to face in our own country! We have taken other passionate Lifeguards with us who help us on a daily basis to welcome expats.



We are:


- Passionate with this adventure that started in 2012

- Flabbergasted by French administrative formalities' complexity when other countries do everything they can to welcome expats in adequate conditions.

Ambitious enough to change things and create a positive image for our country

Moved by our members' thanks to whom we made the settling in France easier




Allocation of funds

Last year we were able to welcome 250 expats in Lyon (students, scholars, young working people...) but we had to dismiss 1,000 applications due to a lack of means.


For 2015 we want to welcome more than 400 of them and then offer our service in the whole country so that every expatriate can be welcomed in optimal conditions!


For this purpose we have to be able to buy enough furniture items to furnish new apartments:


700€ for  1 studio

1000€ for a 2 bedrooms flatshare

1300€ for a 3 bedrooms flatshare


This might look inexpensive because we use second-hand pieces of furnitures (we repair and refresh them) because we like our work to be eco-friendly and useful for everyone!




We have spared money and worked countless summers (we've been waiters, painters, tutors, etc.) to launch this project but it is sadly not enough! 


Since the adventure started 3 years ago we have chosen to put every dime back into our business because our model is working: we receive thousands of applications of desperate expats. Today, we need a helping hand to fulfill all these requests!




Your participation will contribute to furnish one of the 30 news rooms we'd like to provide this year!


Make our adventure your adventure too and help us offer the best of France!







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