Support the creation of the video game ONE DAY I AM: visit, browse the island of Reunion. The hero is you.

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ONE DAY I AM, an open world video game on Reunion Island, you are the hero, yes you read well, this video game will be created thanks to you so the hero will carry your name or the name of your choice. You have friends, their name will be in the game and you can interact with them.

Our dream with ONE DAY I AM is to create a game that you like. DREAM!!!! We said DREAM, so that's how our gameplay will be:

  1. ONE DAY I AM, ONE DAY I AM ... on Reunion Island. You manage your hero freely through several factors: Eat, drink, sleep, a job, dress, means of transport etc ... Browse this virtual world in search of DREAM.
  2. ONE DAY I AM in paintball, our first prototype created by Pierre Turpin.
  1. As you will have understood, this cache interactions in the virtual world in order to bring you into dreams more realistic than each other. These DREAMS once accomplished or not will affect your hero (health during an instant court, experience gain, unlocks another dream).
  2. A mode will allow you to replay his DREAMS at will.
  3. A Multiplayer, oh yes! You are an ace in FPS, your friend is better in racing games and well if you put both: first phase fps with a number of points to finish the level, a second phase that follows with a circuit to finish first at the arrival while having style and gain experience to compete with his friends, it will be in ONE DAY I AM. Yes we keep a little suspense all the same for our multiplayer online.
    Our second prototype created by Pierre Turpin with the presence of TAIKUN, his face was made in 3D with a modification of the hair to include it in this virtual world.
  1. Master your DREAMS will give you access to a customization of your hero with a variety of features (clothes, accessories and other surprises). We speak well of the hero (you !!!) And you, what DREAMS would you like to have in this game?
  2. This video game will be created thanks to you, so why not create your own DREAM. You are invited to look at the counterparties, you can not contribute this amount? No problem, for all those who have contributed to this program and with any bets, we will organize draws. We will contact the winners to discuss with them the gameplay, level design of your DREAMS and they will be in ONE DAY I AM.
  3. And us? Overall, we already have a hundred or so see several hundred DREAMS that will be offered to you, ONE DAY I AM .. a racing driver (car, motorcycle, kart and many other means of transport), in a western , Julius Caesar (Ambition), madness (Jack the Ripper), an enigma (the Golden Scarab), an animal (ex: flying over the island as a bird). So we will not be only on Reunion Island?
  4. Yes you (the hero) would be able to DREAM outside the island, after all are DREAMS, so there is no real and unreal border.
  5. Why madness, Ambition?
  6. Madness, ambition, an enigma, compete, hate, possess, revolt, destroy, be hunted etc ... The 36 Dramatic Situations of George POLTI (1924), The Hero to Miles and a Faces of Joseph CAMPBELL (1949) ) are part of our base for our scenario. A frame so to follow the main scenario as well as additional quests.

Get ready for a trip as original as it is extraordinary with landscapes of Reunion Island as a playground.

  1. The two prototypes presented in video were created by Pierre Turpin (let us introduce it to you in a moment), yes only one person !!! To develop ONE DAY I AM, we will need a team: ILOI (Institute of Indian Ocean Image), CGI Trainer, Goblins (Image School) are the schools we have chosen to recruit our future team. Freelance artists selected on and will complement the design of this video game.
  2. Borderlands 3, Gears of War 4, Star Wars Jedi and many other big name video game uses the engine UNREAL ENGINE 4, not to mention a title that everyone knows, FORTNITE.

ONE DAY I AM therefore uses UNREAL ENGINE to reproduce with as much fidelity environments as beautiful and varied as the island of Reunion offers us as scenery. For even more realism we use QUIXEL, here is a preview of the potential of the association of QUIXEL and UNREAL ENGINE :

  1. The Piton de la Fournaise, waterfalls (langevin, basin peace, takamaka), beaches, forests, Cilaos, activities (downhill mountain biking, diving, lava tunnel, paragliding) to handle or keyboard, this will be in ONE DAY I AM.
  2. "You have to understand how things work to make them better "(Vincent Delassus - Artistic Director, Ubisoft) : our team will live these real experiences to offer you the best virtual experience.




We are Three Hundred Sixty Production, a young company specializing in the creation of graphic content, 3D, video, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Since 2017 we promote virtual tours;

  1. hôtels
  2. charming house
  3.  restaurant :
  4. structures of the​ Mairie du Tampon
  5. We've looked at different project approaches, some of us have even had similar experiences in the past, but as far as we can tell, there's really no one who has established the "right way To do it.
  6. However, we think in this case, that even knowing that we do not know all the answers in advance is important, it reminds us that we must listen, establish methods to make sure we hear the choices and comments of our donors, and keep us more flexible. We are trying to work in a new way with this project that will allow us to show more things sooner than we usually would, while ensuring that everyone will see it in the right context, and that there will be always a lot of good surprises in the final product.


  1. Jean Damien Taochy is co-founder and president of TCS Production, passionate about digital imaging, virtual reality and augmented reality. He is our digital and 360 ° photographer.
  2. Christophe Payet is one of our partner and sound technician.
  3. Pierre Turpin is co-founder of TCS Production. 3D modeler, level designer, thanks to the CGI TRAINER course in 2013, screenwriter thanks to Marc ALBINET, his book "Design a video game" as well as a few exchanges by mail, ONE DAY I AM was born. He is our main referent for this project.


Allocation of funds

Calling on you is the best way to stay independent, and build a community around ONE DAY I AM.

  1. Budget allocation for video game development.
  2. Committees: PSP and KissKissBankbank.
  3. Rewards: paintball, hotel Villa Delisle SPA, cost of production and delivery of the physical games and (random cost according to the limited counterparties)
  4. Development and social contributions:  
  5. - for the game design (one game designer) 20 000€/an
  6. - for programming (one programmer)  30 000€/an
  7. - for the artistic part 20 000€/an
  8. (unreal engine artist / technique, entertainer artist).
  9. Here is the example of an independent game: Dead in Bermuda, released August 27, 2015. Designed by a team of three people, it took a year of production. We can do it !!


  1. Authors' rights and music: 15 000€
  2. we want you to have the best experience of your life with ONE DAY I AM, which is why we will include the most beautiful stories of Reunion Island, work with local artists in order to to have the best Creole voices as well as for the music, inside the game the playlist that we reserve for you will be ideal to cross the island.
  3. Hardware and software: 10 000€
  4. - for our future staff, we need professional equipment. The advantages: a controlled design, a more professional work on software like Unreal Engine, Quixel, Houdini or the Adobe suite. so ONE DAY I AM will be delivered on time.

The bearings:

  1. The first level to reach is 110 000 €, finances the top start of the development of ONE DAY I AM,
  3. A 180 000€,

  4. we strengthen our team:
    for game design (a 2D / 3D graphic designer and a narrative designer)
    Why? for more Dreams, more Fun, more Gameplay and of course to see other towns, other areas .. (Saint Denis, Hellbourg, Saint André ..)
  5. A YOGA VR mode with 360 ° island landscapes accessible for all people with VR headphones (on PS4 and PC).
  6. A 250 000€,

  7. a scanner! what for? So a very small video to show you ...
  1. ... The Reunion Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with this scanner we can virtually access areas that are inaccessible, respect the protection of the environment and offer you breathtaking scenes of the island with new gameplay. This scanner would also allow us to make Tamil temples, mosques, Chinese temples and churches in ONE DAY I AM with unparalleled accuracy.
  2. Other communes are added: ONE DAY I AM in the West (Saint Paul, Saint Gilles, Saint Leu ..)
  3. A 300 000€,

  4. The motion capture, the facial capture, a short video of the shooting of an iconic game on PS3, THE LAST OF US ...
  1. ... to provide you a gaming experience like a big studio, motion capture will achieve: storytelling, real-time motion, ah yes a bit like the QUIXEL video? Exactly!!!
  2. Hmm !! We will let you know which neighborhood or commune you would like in ONE DAY I AM. A small poll ..
    We comfort our team:
    - for programming (a technical programmer)
    - for the artistic part (an artist concept)
    Work, still work !! Yes my Lord!!
    For the less curious numbers present in the development of a video game: GTA 5 ($ 137 million excluding advertising campaign, 5 years and about 200 people).
    Well, we do not ask you so much ...
  4. A 400 000€,

  5. ... we have the belief that you would like ONE DAY I AM to release a very nice Triple I (independent) because the whole world will be able to see your name or your face, or play one of your gameplay ..
    So we chose the crowdfunding for this project, the freedom to design a video game with the players, for the players and allow them to have an eternal trace in the 10th ART.
    Our concept artist will give life to buildings, objects, environments ..
    ONE DAY I AM Many ... gamedesign (a 3D graphic designer, VFX) programming (an additional technical programmer)
    240 km square of the Reunion Island as a playground, with Easter Eggs (secret well hidden).
  6. An online multiplayer mode: Choose your gameplay with friends and show us who is the best in all categories. Customize your avatars, hum !!! Why not have all your face in ONE DAY I AM ???
    It's possible, you send us three pictures (one of face, one of each profile) and we will do the rest.


  1. Steps :
  2. November 2019: the recruitment, the installation of the equipment, the first level design of the island, the gameplay, the writing dialogues with the names and first names of you !! yes you who contributed to ONE DAY I AM ... SIR or Mrs .. and without forgetting the site (Forum) of ONE DAY I AM or you will be invited to register to discuss with the team (during their break anyway), and yes this game will be done thanks to you, we will be listening to you and the bonus is you! and yes no journalist, info (teaser, trailer, advanced game ...) it's up to you to give them to disseminate on the site and your friends, this site will also allow us to contact you for playstest sessions.
  3. March 2020: ah! the playtesteurs, it is the moment, each week small groups of 6 will be invited to our studio to test ONE DAY I AM.
  4. June 2020: Alpha will be available on platforms, we will keep you informed on the site if we are late, as said before, our goal is to create a community and we will take care to inform you of any advanced or any delay.
  5. October 2020: The Beta multiplayer, before our launch, you will have the opportunity to test the multiplayer mode for 48 hours on PS4 exclusively.
  6. December 2020: Christmas, oh, oh, oh! our delivery of gifts under the tree.

  1. Our collaborators and partners who support us:
  2. A big thank you Dalila Fabiano for your help on the blueprint in UNREAL ENGINE, the ONE DAY I AM prototype in paintball would have been less demonstrative without you.



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