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Monday, November 26, 2012
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Clément Delangue

Have you ever dreamt of attending Harvard, Stanford or the MIT? Not a dream anymore! With this operation, we want to send five learning freaks to the best universities in the world to share their classes online with you!

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Open the 25 best classes of the world

Update 22-11-12


One and a half days ago, we were about to give up in this operation. And one of our mentors challenged us to try it anyway. So this is what we did. Fantastic people from all over the world started to support, some of them incredibly! And hope came back. It was possible to make it happen!


Today, we've reached our goal and heading to new ones. We still have four days more to make education even more open than we planned in the first place, by onboarding even more people.


So please continue to contribute and share to get to follow the best classes of the world.







Learning is our passion. And we've always wondered what it's like to study in a school like Harvard or the MIT. Those schools are brilliant, the courses are brilliant! The teachers are brilliant!! (The word brilliant is brilliant :))



So with this operation, we want to make you follow online 1, 5, or 25 classes from these dream schools. To discover great professors, and make you feel like you were in the classroom, asking questions, following the notes taking, chating and connecting with all the curious people that are interested in the same subject.


How is this possible? Thanks to UniShared. It's a platform for collaborative and open notes taking. Practically speaking, it leverages Google Docs real-time technology to connect amphitheaters with the rest of the world, in order to improve the way people learn.


You can see how it works in this video: 



For this project, these clases will be shared on UniShared by the five fantastic learning freaks, rigorously selected accordind to their writing skills and the quality of the classes they already shared. They will be sent to their dream universities like Cambridge or the MIT for one week. During this week, each student will take part in 5 classes which means 25 classes shared in total.


Those 25 classes will only be open to those who took part in the adventure. And everyone will be able to augment the class by talking to each others, adding links to relevant articles for example.

Allocation of funds

The funds will be allocated to the payment of the flights and visas for the five learning freaks who will go to their dream university. These people will be chosen by a selection comittee (that you can be part of) according to their complementarity and ability to share quality content with you.



By helping this project, you not only get to follow online the best classes of the world and connect to interesting people, you also participate in the movement to change education. You foster "learning by sharing" and promote open learning pedagogies.


Thank a million for your support 


The UniShared team


To know more how the UniShared movement started, you can watch this video with english subtitles: 



Choose your reward

For €5 and more

You'll be able to participate online to one of the twenty-five classes. Live and after the class. Additionally, you get you contributor badge that we'll send to you as a sticker.

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For €15 and more

Instead of one class, you get to participate in five classes. Additionally to the sticker, you get a postcard written from one of the students. And you are promoted on our blog as a contributor.

Backers 37

For €30 and more

The full package! You can participate to the 25 best classes of the world from the best universities.

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For €60 and more

Additionally to the above rewards, you become a special guest to our launching event in Paris (dinner included)!

Backers 12

For €150 and more

You get to be part of our selection committee to select the learning freaks who will go to the best universities to share the classes.

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Availability 7/10

For €400 and more

Your name, or the name of your organization, will be added to our supporters page on UniShared (need to get visibility while changing education?).

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Availability 3/5

For €1,500 and more

You're literally going with one of our learning freaks to your dream university - flight included. Feel free to contact us if you think about other rewards that you would like :)

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