Or bleu part creuser un puits pour étancher les soifs

Help us finance the construction of our first well in Mali because access to water should be a privilege for no one

Project visual Or bleu part creuser un puits pour étancher les soifs
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Or bleu part creuser un puits pour étancher les soifs

"Only those who have suffered thirst know the value of water"

Lord Byron


Nowadays, still 748 million of people do not have of access to drinkable water in the world. Out of this terrible situation, We have decided to undertake an incredible challenge : Build our first well in Mali because as Mandela said "it always seems impossible until it is done".


Monday December 18th, we started looking for a name; Or Bleu - Blue gold was perfect. After days and days of paperwork and waiting; on January 23rd 2016, the charity was officially created. Young and dynamic team, we were all willing to help families to get access to water by the construction of wells.


It's us !



Divided into several teams, we have started work : some of us were creating the logo ans motto, while others were looking for ways to raise founds and find a serious local well builder.


Here is the result :


An amazing logo :



A clear moto : Blue Gold - Let us make solidarity a source of hope


Our first event to raise founds (and so many others to come...) : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.456783624527094.1073741833.434611940077596&type=3

We have gathered more than 1500 euros thanks to it


And now, we need YOU !!!!!!


Allocation of funds

OBJECTIVE ? Raise 2000 euros to build the first well (first because we are confident that there will be others) to bring drinkable water, in a sustainable way, to a new village in Mali. Not only the money will be used to build the well but also to maintain it  to be functional during numerous years.


2000 euros is the amount missing to start the construction





WHERE ?  In the village Zantie Bougou - Mali


WHY MALI ? Because in Mali only 59,48% of the villages are equipped with a modern and functional water access point

* According to the annual activity report of 2015 of the energy and water ministry of Mali (http://www.dnhmali.org/IMG/pdf/-93.pdf) 


WHEN ? End of the found raise JUNE 2016 - beginning of the construction JULY 2016. So we have 45 days left to convince you to participate to this amazing project.


WHO ? A member of the charity will be there to attend the construction with the local builder and to share the happiness of the families


WHY DONATE ? Help families over generations to have access to water easily and daily because water should be a privilege for no one


HOW MUCH ? Every euro will be used in the project so do not hesitate


IF WE GO BEYOND 2000 EUROS ? 2000 euros means 60% of the construction is possible thanks to you - 3300 euros means 100% of construction is thanks to you


BEYOND 3300 ? Who said that we want to build only one well ?? 


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