I am a Photographer and I will exhibit in less than one month in Paris. As I am very requested in many international Towns such as Seatle, Budapest etc..I will need your financial support to set up my project “Origines”.My Work is based on Image taken in Mali and France. I realised a patchwork of Images on paper size A3 and I wish to reproduce the same concept in life size on Dibon of 1 meter on 6. Accompanied by texts, notes and poems. That’s how I see my origins: a mix of high and little things which are built my identity…..

Project visual Origines
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Origin, who has never wanted to know more about himself ? About our automatisms? our rites? our habits?

Learn to stop one moment…for a better understanding, learn theses automatisms, wonder why we are doing such or such things.


The way was long very long for me .I closed my eyes during so much times, I hidden, judged Full of Ignorance.

But one day the slap came followed by a voice which tell you Wake up !




From Research to research, the passion was settling, growing as for as taken a very big part of my thoughts.

From the need to share with others the project” Teach me your Culture” is born.




I began an experimental project over a period of 6 months with Parisian schoolchildren.

Tuesdays Noon were dedicated to studios presentations-debates with philosophers... The evenings were focus on workshops of photography, so at the end of a few months the children were able to go by themselves in search of their own culture. We enclosed this session by an exhibition of their works at the end of the year.




A titanic task, which will have taken me 3 years of researches and implementation before the launch of the project. I was thinking of succeeding the project in one month I fast became disenchanted, but never lowered the arms, even if it was one of my most difficult experience.


But I have to recognize one thing: I have more learnt than gave.


I thought of coming to help the children but they give me  so much more that what I would not have been able to imagine.






As I am a member of the collective of photographers "pn95", we realize every year an exhibition of photos with theme. When one of the photographers had the idea to approach the theme of the memory, First I thought at my grandfather, a person whose route was particularly admirable. Afterward came to me the idea to take back the concept of my project " Teach me your Culture ", for thus doing my own researches of my diverse origins.





That’s why I decided to go to the country I was Born, Mali, for the first time after 23 years. I was able to visit the North, the South and it was a magnificent journey, unforgettable meetings.. This journey was enriching and changed my way of seeing the life and its priorities.



Allocation of funds



Your financial support will be use for the realization of a part of the project. The estimated cost by the global project is very high and the deadline is very short, I prefer to subject a realistic demand even if the totality of the necessary budget is not covered, because I have some much work to do and do not want to be under stress less than a month before the D-day. I prefer to make sacrifices, to begin young to finish big. This work, it is a work of a whole life. If I manage to obtain only the required amount for the drawings I would be more than delighted.


8 998 € de plus pour:

 I would thus need:

Drawings: 850,00 €

Dibon: 282,00 €




 If I had to realize the project with the totality of the necessary means, I would need very exactly 8 998 € more for:


Scans: 480,00 € Development + scan: 1500 € Movies 6x6 x 50: 500 € Video: 1 500 € Stickers for the title, the thanks: 350 € Poems: 580,00 € Notebook x 200 eg: 1088 € Representation fees: 500 € Travel fees: 2 500 Because this project is only the beginning of the adventure: I do not wish to stop there, and plan to reproduce the approach with the other populations or the ethnic groups


I hope that you will be sensitive to my approach and would deeply w


ish that you can contribute to make this project succeed.


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