Orphée Noir - EISAGOGI

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Orphée Noir - EISAGOGI

"Youth is, above all, a state of mind. We'll be old when we'll have no more project."


This EP is called EISAGOGI which means INTRODUCTION in greek.


It will contain the following tracks:


1 - Eisagogi (intro) 4:00

2 - Pensées vagabondes 3:33 

3 - Ma belle  4:20

4 - Barcelona  4:00

5 - Vanité  4:40

6 - ... (outro) 3:48


I have been working on this EP for a year and a half. I'd say that my musical research and style are timeless or "Retro future".


First of all, I create music at home. Then, I go to the studio to arrange and mix the tracks with Edgar Joly, a true sound engineer and member of EFIX Live Band


On this EP, you will find two instrumental compositions of the talented Alexandre Faivre, who was part of the band "Night Drugs".


It is now time for us to achieve this project, I look forward to sharing it with you all.






Music is like waves : A mixture of material and energy


We are all made of body and spirit. Our brains are receivers / issuers.


Music we listen to has both psychologically and physiologically influence on us.





This video clip was shot in Sète (south of France) during the summer 2015. I decided  it would be the second track of the EP. A particular atmosphere reveals itself based on Orphism.


Orphism is a spiritual stream of ancient Greece. It argues that the soul is doomed into cycles of reincarnation and can only be rescued by a spiritual awakening.


"Le Chat"

This text was in some sort brought to me while I was dreaming and asking George Brassens some help with writing. Hallucination or not, the result is there. I woke up, jumped on my notebook to gribble what i remembered.



" Youth is a state of mind. You get old when you have no more project. "

Allocation of funds

These are preferential rates. In fact, the amounts should be higher but I am lucky to be surrounded by people who share my perception and energy. We are looking for a long-term vision.


I believe it is essential to maintain a good relationship with the people I work with.


As you know, KissKissBankBank operates according to a simple system : If we don't succeed in reaching our goal, each contribution is returned to its donator.


That is why the amount requested is reduced to a minimum. We really hope to exceed the 3200 € objective.



Here are the details:


Studio recording / Sound engineer : 600 € (instead of 1000€)


Production of 2 instrumental compositions : 100 € (instead of 200€)


Audiovisual production : 1200 € (instead of 2000€)


Purchase of equipment for concerts : 400


Record sleeves art work : 150 € 


CD Pressing + SDRM + digital output : 580 €  


KissKissBankBank pourcentage : 8




If we beat the objective :


• 1500 € (4700€ gathered) : I could at last buy a real guitare and maybe an electric piano with real keys.

(no more borrowing from friends) 


• 2500 € (5700€ gathered) : I will release a second EP in September. i basically have everything written ; just need to hit the studios.


• 4000 € (7200€ gathered) : My manager will organize a modest tour around the Country !!





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