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For more than a year, we have been making it possible to wear quality dress shoes that can be personalised in just a few clicks – at the price of ready-to-wear. With this campaign, we want to be able to offer you even more: more choice, for more personalisation, and a new fashion experience for men. 





ÔSingulier(S) is a men's shoe brand that combines customisation, technology and expertise – all at a reasonable price. What makes our shoes special is that they are YOUR shoes. They are completely unique, even down to the custom engraving where you can choose what you want written or drawn.




We have developed an online interface that lets you be the ultimate designer of your shoes. You choose the model. You choose the leather and the colour. You also choose the width, since our shoes are made to be worn and not just stored away. You can even choose NOT to choose, opting instead for one of the models from our inspiration gallery.




Our technology was designed so as to ensure simple use, high-quality display and infinite options. The result? You can finally find the right shoes for your feet! That's certainly what our clients are saying: 


"I can only encourage you to order your pair of shoes – you won't be disappointed!" 



"Hurry up! It is truly a pleasure to know that you have totally unique shoes!" 



"I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality. Excellent materials and finish." 






The ÔSingulier(S) project is inspired by three core values: modernity, singularity and trust. 


Why singularity? Because we want to give every man the opportunity to wear shoes that represent him. We are going against tradition in the men's shoes market, breaking from the standard black and brown Oxfords and paving the way for customisation! And with ÔSingulier(S), you get custom-made at ready-to-wear prices. 


Modernity is technology. It is fun and colour. We are both geeks and fashionistas. Doctor Jekyll created the technology that makes the mythical custom-made shoe possible for men at under 200 or 300 euros, allowing for originality and quality. Mr Hyde added uniqueness by expanding the colour palette to blue, camel, grey... and by exploring advanced customisation options which had never before been offered. 


Trust is our responsibility as French and European designers. We care very much about the quality of our products and the craftsmanship behind them. We work with Italian leather and French laces. We entrust manufacturing to a family-run workshop in Portugal. We believe in a project with meaning – for ourselves, and especially for those who get involved along with us, both our suppliers and clients.







The ÔSingulier(S) team is made up of Ana, Nils and Tom.






What brought us together is our passion for fashion, as well as our interest in offering an alternative: shaking up the world of men's shoes to bring to life a simple but meaningful vision of using technology to bring together quality, personality and accessibility. This vision came about through long discussions and travels between Tom, the IT guy passionate about shoes, Ana, a fashionista and expert in communications and marketing, Nils the production pro, and Eric, our shoe doctor that has supported us since the start of this adventure and without whom this project would not have come to be.

Why fund it?

Because you have made us want to go further! The enthusiasm of our first clients has convinced us that we shouldn't stop here. We want to make ÔSingulier(S) the reference brand for personalised men's fashion – because every man should be able to wear clothes that represent him, without having to sacrifice quality or breaking the bank!


Thanks to this campaign and your support, we will be able to launch version 2.0 of ÔSingulier(S). ÔSingulier(S) 2.0 will have new options and new styles, with the possibility of customising the colour of the side of the shoe's sole as well as a more extensive colour palette. ÔSingulier(S) 2.0 will also have a new model, the popular and trendy Derby boots!




The amount that we are hoping to collect by appealing to you today will specifically make it possible to: 

- promote our brand so that men will know that there is now a way to be original;

- increase our online platform's features and make it more user-friendly; 

- incorporate new production options, including:

1/ a new colour option for the sides of the soles. We really like the colour yellow.

2/ new colour options for the leather, such as beige or ocean

3 /a new sole colour: we are thinking about red soles (but of course not like Louboutin!).

- finance the design and production of the new model of boots:





So don't miss the opportunity to get yourself a pair of shoes unlike any other, and join the ÔSingulier(S) community by supporting us in this campaign! By participating, you are supporting employment in France and in Europe, the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, and choosing quality, in addition to helping passionate young entrepreneurs offer a new vision of men's fashion. One single action is all it takes to be one of a kind... Thank you so much!






Ôsingulier(S) was created in 2015 by fashion-conscious and tech-savvy French entrepreneurs. Together they developed a proprietary technology via an online selling platform that offers custom-made quality shoes at affordable prices. The idea behind the company was to break away from classic formal shoes by offering men the opportunity to display their... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Where are the shoes manufactured?

We make our shoes in Portugal, which is renowned for its shoe craftsmanship. We work with Italian leather, which is the best in the world.

+ Do you deliver throughout Europe, worldwide, or only in France?

We currently deliver to France and the UK. However, if you live in another country, contact us and we will let you know whether or not we are able to deliver shoes to you.

+ How long does it take for the shoes to be delivered?

The average delivery time for the shoes is 5 weeks. This may be longer if you have ordered engraving on your shoes.

+ Are the new options available for the models sold as part of this campaign?

The new options will be available in 2017.

+ It is possible to exchange or return shoes (in the context of the campaign) if they are the wrong size or the model doesn't suit us?

If you are not satisfied with your shoes, we will exchange them. If you need a different size, we will make an identical pair in the new size. However, we do not accept returns of shoes that have already been worn.

+ Are there additional shipping fees?

With ÔSingulier(S), delivery is free.

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