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An investigation in heart of the Andean moutains to find a frog Disappearing from radar screens ...

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Où est Simonsi



I'm a student of biology in Brest (FRANCE). I'm preparing a trip to Bolivia with a mission : Find a forgotten friend.


Through an end-of-study internship, that start the 20th April, I'm going to work in collaboration with the natural History Museum "Alcyde d'Orbigny" in Bolivia. This museum has an amphibian component named Bolivian Amphibian initiative. This operational component is in charge to survey the amphibian population in Bolivia.


 http://bolivianamphibianinitiative.org/   During this internship, I will travel in several Bolivian regions, to find and study  Telmatobius Simonsi.  This is an endemic frog, living only in Bolivia. 





Bolivia is populated by 8 million people with a surface that represent 2 time France. It's the highest country of south america.

Bolivia is composed of three types of regions : The Andean mountain, intermediates valleys named Yungas and the third type is the rain forest. Bolivian Amphibian initiative is based in the Andean moutain. 


The latest research on Telmatobius Simonsi is four years old. The rapport conclued on the "near threatened" status. This status represent a decrease of 30% of the population on 10 years. 


However, the latest field datas reveals a highest decrease due to environmental pollutions ...


The aim here, is to update the status. This investigation, through all Bolivia, will permit to analyze Simonsi's population, work on concrete actions to stop this phenomenon.




                                   The results will be published !!



Allocation of funds



The founds will allow me to finance the excursions :


- transport




-counting equipment


-sampling equipment.


Furthermore, permit to support a local project through the comprehension of the dangers existing on the Bolivian environment.


I will receive the funds, carry out the finance during these excusions, and, at the end give them the money that remain. 


Thank you for reading ! 

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