Outings - Plateforme de baby-sitting

On outings.fr, parents can organize their evenings in a few clicks only! Have a good time !

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Outings - Plateforme de baby-sitting

On outings.fr, parents can organize their evenings in a few clicks only! We put up a wide selection of babysitters, that they can choose from according to their conveniences, as well as some places they can eventually go to (places that we deem are absolute musts, or local restaurants that we promote)




The Website

The website is based on 2 principles

-Simplicity: an extended work day? A date? Whether the demand is urgent or not, parents will always be able to find a babysitter using our services. They can book a session on the website in a few clicks only, specifying, of course, a date and time as well as the location they want the session to occur at. We'll take their demand into consideration, and send in the most qualified and adapted person to fully satisfy their needs.


Reliability: We know personally all the babysitters that we promote on the website. We are fully aware of their diplomas, their qualifications (e.g. first aid certificate) and their enthusiasm when it comes to keeping kids. Parents can go out and thoroughly enjoy the night, as Outings and its team will take care of everything. In regards of convenience, we also promote a variety of local restaurants, and good addresses that parents can go to. We regularly update the website on which restaurants are absolute musts that parents imperatively have to try. Keeping your children no longer being a problem, why not enjoy the night!




It all started with an evidence : finding a reliable babysitter within a short amount of time is often incredibly hard for some parents. This evidence confirms itself even more on nights like New Year's Eve or Valentine's day!




We're three students from Avignon, a city in southern France, and we want to make life easier for parents. In a modern era where renting a car or a flat has never been easier, we thought that we could bring that same simplicity to parents who are desperately in need of a babysitter. 

That's why we worked during all of 2016 to build up our project; we ran polls on several groups of people, tested the market for a better understanding of it. The 3rd of January 2017, we launched a testing phase of our service in the region surrounding Avignon and the city itself. It took around 2 weeks to gather a bit more than 50 babysitters, and our babysitter demands have skyrocketed!

We also got some intense media exposure in our town ( see france bleu vaucluse, midi libre, etc...)

We cannot stop here!

Today, we'd like to upgrade our website, and most importantly be able to propose some new and more interesting features to the parents, so they can use the platform to its full extent. Extending our zone of action out of the Vaucluse region is also one of our main goals. 

That's why we need you!

Allocation of funds

What will the crowfunded money be used for:

Well mainly the upgrading of our website ; we'd like to install a registration system for parents, because having an account to contact the babysitter directly via us is much more practical. The website's fluidity is also key; we want the parents to have the smoothest experience on the platform.

We also need you to spread the word out there! In this day and age of internet, it is unthinkable to hope on growth if you don't invest in communication. Our main way of getting ourselves known, thus far, has been through the internet, specially through social media. It's the most relevant canal, it's the most cost efficient as well, but it does cost something, and that's where you can come in and help us.







Merci pour votre attention !

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