OZMA nouvel album "Welcome Home" !

Help the project : OZMA's New Album : "Welcome Home" !

Project visual OZMA nouvel album "Welcome Home" !
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OZMA nouvel album "Welcome Home" !

In 2016, OZMA will have two reasons to party !

Our 15th anniversary and the release of "Welcome Home" our 6th album !


But before, a little presentation of the band :


Stéphane Scharlé : Drums, composition


Edouard Séro-Guillaume : Bass, composition


Julien Soro : Saxophones


Guillaume Nuss : Trombone


Tam de Villiers : Guitar





Just below the cover of "Welcome Home". It is based on a picture by the American artist Mike Dempsey and an artwork by Lagraph.




The album has been recorded in Strasbourg by Mathieu Pelletier and mixed by Boris Darley. The mastering was made by Thomas Poussereau.


"Welcome Home" is ready and will be released around Europe on October 21st


So why do we ask for your help??

Well, even with our best efforts we still need you !


This "KissKissBankBank" project will help us releasing the album in the best conditions and allow you to get it for a real good price !

Allocation of funds

Why do we ask for donations, why 2000 euros?


The global budget for the production of Welcome Home is around 25000 euros. This includes studio rentals for rehearsals and recording, the payment of the artists and the technicians, the post production (mixing, mastering), the artwork, the press relations, the fabrication...


The collected money will help us financing a part of:


- The album promotion (press and radio)

- The creation and fabrication of posters and flyers

- And if we exceed the expected amount we will make a video clip !


These 2000 euros (7,5% of the global budget) is the last little help for a project that started in the end of 2015 and a great way for you to show us you support OZMA and you like what we do !!


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