P.O.Box - Enregistrement d'un nouvel album / Recording a new full length

Recording of P.O.Box new full length.

Project visual P.O.Box - Enregistrement d'un nouvel album / Recording a new full length
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P.O.Box - Enregistrement d'un nouvel album / Recording a new full length


Hey! So here we are, recording a new full length between October 19 and November 10, 2013. And we definitely can't wait. It should be out in January 2014.


For 12 years, we've been touring all around Europe, Canada, Japan. For 12 years, we've been doing that for fun. For 12 years, we've been recording cds. For 12 years, it hasn't been our job and we've never wanted it to be. For 12 years, we've been struggling financially speaking. And for 12 years, we've met thousands of new friends all around the world, and they've been giving us the will to keep being a band.


Today, recording this new album will ruin us. And we need your help. That's why we decided to launch this crowdfunding project. Instead of running the race of the best rewards (and so the race of who will give the most money), we thought it would be fair to give anyone the possibility to back us up for this recording, no matter how much one could afford, and to get the same reward, being our new album (CD or vinyl) in your mailbox a couple of days before its release.


Thanks in advance for your support.





« This band rocks and this band has a message! »

2001, Nancy, France: P.O.BOX plays its very first gigs in France. Since then, the band has been on intensive touring through Europe, Canada, Japan, increasing its reputation of having an “explosive stage performance”. After having released a demo-cd (‘Fartcore‘, 2001) and a split-cd (‘We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars‘, 2002), the band signs on Winged Skull Records for the release of their first EP (‘Rock my reality‘) in 2004. Thousands and thousands of kilometers spent on European roads lead the band to record their debut-album ‘…And the Lipstick Traces’ and to sign in April 2007 on Long Beach Records Europe (International), Übersee Records (Germany) and Guerilla Asso (France) who released this long-awaited full length in Europe, as well as on Unattractive Records in May 2007 who released it in Japan. In 2009, P.O.BOX released its second full length, entitled “InBetweenTheLines”, out on Long Beach Records Europe, Guerilla Asso, In Ya Face Japan. It contains 15 tracks of explosive punk/ska and features Chris Cresswell (from the Flatliners) and Vic Ruggiero (from the Slackers). The band toured all over the world again, from Canada to Japan, crossing Europe and Russia. P.O.BOX celebrated its 10th anniversary and 500th show in 2011, as well as recorded a new 6-tracks EP which will come out together with a 2hours Tour Documentary DVD shot during their last tour through Europe in the summer 2009. The EP is mixed and mastered by Steve Rizun (DriveStudios, Toronto, Canada), and the package (CD + DVD) is entitled “Detour(s)”. It will be out as usual on Long Beach Records Europe, Guerilla Asso, In Ya Face Japan, and Bad Mood Records (Switzerland) in Fall 2011. A massive tour around Europe and Japan took place in 2012-2013.







Detour(s), by P.O.Box, released 14 October 2011

1. This is a hidden track 2. On how to light a fire 3. Forsaken comedy 4. Inked 5. The silent march of the hollowed 6. Talking to her      





On How To Light A Fire, Detour(s) - 2011



So Milgram Knew It, InBetweenTheLines - 2009


Allocation of funds


Recording Studio / Mixing / Mastering, 21 days: 4.500€

Various costs (transportation, etc): 500€

TOTAL: 5.000€

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