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Monday, February 25, 2019
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Paesaggio.Art.Landscape! It's all in the name! Care about art and environment!

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Paesaggio.Art.Landscape - P.A.L. 2019

We are proud to present the second edition of the manifestation Paesaggio.Art.Landscape 2019.  

The PAL manifestation brings together 13 artists from different backgrounds in disciplines and nationalities. They are invited to develop original works, finding inspiration and creative power in the scenic landscape of the Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea. 

During their residency the artists are hosted by the population.

During the creation week the local population and schools have the opportunity to witness the creative process of the artists and to see the landscape from a different perspective. The audience discovers the installations and performances during the guided walks in the weekend of the 16th and 17th of march 2019.


The invited artists in the landscape are:

- Bellafiore Marco (IT):  base, base guitar

- Bendixen Cecilie (DK): design & visual art

- Benedetto Luca (IT): trumpet

- De Neck Jonathan (BE): accordion

- Ejler Jepsen Sophus (DK): visual art 

- Hartley Brian (UK): dance-theatre, visual art

- Inker Aaron (IT): music, video & multi media

- Peter Janssen (NL): visual art

- Luttino Gabriele (IT): drums & percussion

- Russano Christian (IT): guitar

- Schuurmans Anne-Beth (NL): dance theatre

- Smits Elian (NL): visual art & scenography

- Van De Westeringh Maaike (NL): dance-theatre


Alongside there will be different activities like a ‘theatre-conference’  starting from the themes 'hiking' and 'the collaboration of trees' with the comic actor Gianpaolo Gambi (IT), the singer Marie-Rose Mayele (BE-CD), the music and sound-designer Dennis Van Tilburg (NL) and an Italian environmentalist on the 13th of march and a ‘meeting-concert’ where different musicians play original music together on the 15th of march.

An experience that connects and moves you!

Artistic direction: Anne-Beth Schuurmans // Cie sQueezz // Marie-Rose Mayele

Organization: The Italian association Paesaggio.Art.Landscape, the municipalities of Viverone, Roppolo and Cerrione and local partners



Allocation of funds

The project is innovative and puts  landscape and art in the spotlights.  We have some sustain from local Italian sponsors and partners but we need more to make it happen in a workable way.

Join us in  making the second international art festival in Viverone, Roppolo and Cerrione a reality! 

The raised money will be used to finance part of:

- The travel and catering expenses of the artists

- Technique and material of the artistic installations and events

- Publicity and communication


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For €10 and more

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All bits help!
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We send you a postcard with one or more pieces of art of PAL 2019
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  • Delivery May 2019

For €50 and more

V.I.P. Entrance P.A.L. walk

One entrance for one person of your choice to one PAL walk on the 16th or 17th of march
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  • Delivery March 2019

For €75 and more

All in one!

Entrance for one person to all activities of PAL 2019: the theatre conference (13.03); the meeting-concert (15.03); the guided walks (16 & 17.03)
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  • Delivery March 2019

For €100 and more

Group entrance

One entrance for four persons of your choice to one PAL walk on the 16th or 17th of march
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P.A.L. arrangement

One night in a local B&B + one entrance to one PAL walk on the 16th or 17th of march for one person
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  • Delivery February 2019

For €250 and more

Maecenas PAL 2019

You contribute to sustain art and the growth of consciousness of landscape. Your reward is to be a protector of PAL 2019.
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For €300 and more

P.A.L. arrangement for two persons

One night in a local B&B + an entrance to one PAL walk on the 16th or 17th of march for two persons
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