Pandora Boxes - Shhh!

Pandora Boxes is a unique first of its kind gift experience. Shhh the secrets out, join us in building this amazing gift experience.

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Pandora Boxes - Shhh!



Pandora Boxes is a unique first of its kind gift experience. Have you ever wanted to buy a gift for a friend, loved one, neighbor, work colleague, a relative or even a stranger? You ever been stuck for ideas thinking OMG what can i get them? Pandora Boxes are your answer! We are based in Liverpool England but will ship worldwide as a new brand is about to begin!


The Story




The Boxes

High quality, stunning, secret gifts for the world to share. What will you get in your Pandora Box?


The Secret

Pandora boxes contents will remain secret not even the buyer of the gift will ever know what is inside. The only person to know whats in the box will be the recipient who then has a chance to share their contents with the world through our site and social media. That's the Beauty of Pandora Boxes, the secret gift, the wondering, the need to know that's what is inside, makes it special. all Pandora Boxes will be different and will be unique to the recipient and their tastes. Also inside every box will be the beautiful story of Pandora. Pandora Boxes will be available for children boy or girls, the unique wedding box and other amazing products!


How it works?

When purchasing a Pandora Box for someone the customer will fill out a form a sort of short survey telling us about their loved one what type of person they are, what they like, where they are from, hobbies, basic details, interest and they also have the option to upload images of the person.


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Allocation of funds

Now you have read the story of Pandora and the Pandora Boxes please join us and help us launch this amazing product and service and secure yourselves on of the first ever boxes!


We need initial funding to get our prototype boxes out there and get this amazing gift experience running live for the world to start sharing




What will you get in your Pandora Box??

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