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Elena Perlino is an Italian photographer based in Paris. Her recent series focus on migrations, human trafficking and gender issues. She immersed herself in a neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement well known to Parisians: the Goutte d’Or. It’s one of the vibrant districts in the capital, a small area of some 30,000 residents characterized by a multiethnic mix where over thirty different ethnicities rub shoulders. Perlino thus got to experience and share the day-to-day existence of the inhabitants of the Goutte d’Or, as close to them as possible – in the public sphere but in the private one as well. From home to mosque, from hidden corners to small businesses of every stripe, from weddings to large-scale religious gatherings.  She’s turned out a remarkable document after the more than five years of her immersion, one that illustrates – far removed from the normally understood picture of a neighborhood deemed to be on the dangerous side – a certain social cohesion.


This book provides a fresh look at neighborhoods that have been described as “ghettoized”: it does not focus exclusively on elements of radicalization. Rather, it allows us to imagine the possibility of a certain “togetherness.” (Éditions Loco)  




"Photography can disrupt pre-defined categories and question our perception of the world around us. The challenge was to take a fresh look at the Goutte d'Or, considered off-limits just fifteen years ago, and find the right distance to explore a district of Paris which is at the same time my home and my research subject. 

I soon realized that over a relatively short time - five years - half the places and people I photographed changed dramatically. Thus, my work became a reflection, though not nostalgic, on memory".








Perlino's images got the support of Magnum Emergency Fund, Open Society Foundations, the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Le Septembre de la Photographie, Photo Gaspésie and the Institute of Italian Culture of Montréal. After a master’s degree in Literature and Cinema and a 10-year career as a photojournalist, Elena published the book Pipeline (Schilt Publishing, 2014), which explored the trafficking of Nigerian women to Italy. The book got selected as one of the best photo books of 2014 from the Maison Européenne de la Photographie.





The following series of images Maktoub became a book in 2017 (Cibele Edizioni), with the support of Open Society Foundations and Lettera27 Foundation. “It is the complexity of Italian Islam that Elena Perlino deals with in this volume where each picture is a story, a journey, a life. At a time such as the one we are experiencing—wars, hatred, religious and not-so-religious fanaticism—the author uses her camera with full awareness of the danger represented by stereotyped images that jeopardize the country’s future. Her pictures are successful attempts at rewriting a present time of coexistence and thus help bring about a different future for generations to come”. Zouhir Louassini



Perlino’s images were published on Newsweek Japan, Daily Mail, Fisheye, Causette, Jeune Afrique, Elle, Io Donna, Internazionale, Domus, Grazia, Rolling Stones, Max, GQ, Glamour, Gioia, D di Repubblica.


Visa pour l’image, Perpignan; l'Institut des Cultures d'Islam, Paris; Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montréal, Canada; the Lawndale Art Center - Texas and the Centre for photography Objectifs, Singapore exhibited her images, among others.






Awards, grants & exhibitions  


Over the years, this body of work has been supported by the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) and the Fonds de Soutien aux Initiatives des Habitants (FSIH), Paris and became part of the Rencontres Internationales de photographie en Gaspésie Collection.  


Paris Goutte d’Or was exhibited at the:


Institute of Islamic Cultures - Paris, 2015

FGO - Barbara - Paris, 2017


ICI Leon, Paris, 2015




With your support, we can make this book, which will be 11,5 x 16,5 cm. It will include around 120 color photographs and 204 pages. We expect 1000 copies.

It can be delivered to your home anywhere in the world for 10 € shipping or withdrawal:

  - At the Loco Publishing Company (Paris, France)    




Size: 11,5 x 16,5 cm

Pages: 204 pages

Reproductions: About 120 color reproductions

Retail price about 25 €

Date of publishing: September 2018

Printing: four-color process on Offset paper Binding: American jacket + gold markings

Weight: about 0.4 kg

French language 






Why fund it?



By pre-ordering the book you will help us to cover the following fees:


Graphic Design : 730 €

Rereading and translation : 250 €

Printing and Delivery : 2700 €

KissKissBankBank: 320 €


Elena Perlino will receive the totality of the campaign.


Loco Editions accompanied me on this project. The book will have an Italian edition as well, thanks to Postcart publishing company - Rome. Both publishing companies will help us covering the rest of the costs.  



Éric, Anne and Thomas at the Loco Publishing Company (Paris)



If we get over the 100% funding and we reach 6000 Euros?  


I will go continue Paris - Goutte d'Or in video.

A documentary of 15 minutes will be realized, involving the people you see in the photographs. The documentary will be distributed to contributors in preview.


Duration: 15 min
Support: Canon 5D Mark II
Shooting date: 20th to 30th September, 2018

Post-production: End of October 


Thanks a lot for being active part in the book project.

Elena Perlino

Elena Perlino is an Italian photographer based in Paris. Her work on migrations and human trafficking obtained the support of the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund, the Open Society Foundations, the Centre National des Arts Plastiques and the Italian Institute of Culture in Montréal. She published the books "Pipeline" (Schilt Publishing, 2014) and...

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Ciao Elena! Sarà un piacere vedere il libro. Riccardo
J ai hâte de découvrir ton livre ! Amitiés , Isabelle ( maman de Gabrielle, de l école )
Le travail d'Elina est rempli d'humanité...respect et curiosité pour les personnes photographiées.... ça fait du bien.