Partagez la Passion 2017 du Choeur du Luberon

The Saint John Passion by J. S. BACH A superb project bringing together professional musicians and the singers of the Choeur du Luberon

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Partagez la Passion 2017 du Choeur du Luberon

The Saint John Passion by J. S. BACH, a superb project bringing together professional musicians and the singers of the Choeur du Luberon conducted by our choirmaster, Johan Riphagen.





He talks about the project in the vidéo below:



Given for the first time on April 7th, 1724, on Good Friday, the Saint John Passion is the first passion composed by Bach. A tradition was thus established to perform a passion each year during the week preceding Easter, Holy Week.




The story, which is already exciting and moving because of its dramatic dimension and characters, is rendered sublime by the music of the great master. The Chœur du Luberon, wishes to stay as true as possible to the original work. The Saint John Passion will be played during the week-end preceding Easter and the musicians, whose number will correspond to that defined by Bach, will play on baroque instruments, thus reproducing the sound characteristic of his period. 


Three concerts are planned for Palm Sunday week-end:


Friday, April 7th, 2017: Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Véran cathedral in Cavaillon


Saturday, April 8th, 2017: Saint Sauveur cathedral in Aix- en-Provence


Sunday, April 9th, 2017 : Notre-Dame-du-Bourguet cathedral in Forcalquier



To sing the Saint John Passion is a unique experience. The musical “trip” is unforgettable.

That is why the Chœur du Luberon has chosen to invite singers from other choirs in the area. We are also recruiting high-level professional musicians, both instrumentalists and soloists, specialised in baroque music, to ensure that the concerts are of the highest quality.


Because of its difficulty and the great number of musicians required, the work is rarely, if ever, played in the Luberon. It is therefore an opportunity for our audience to discover it, outside the period of the summer festivals.


The Choeur du Luberon, with more than 60 singers, is committed to making a success of this project.


To discover our choir, you can watch the slide show below:






And magic will ensue !

Allocation of funds

Why do we need your help?


A superb project such as the Saint John Passion by J.S. Bach, which requires the participation of experienced professional musicians, represents a considerable budget.


We have already received gifts from private donors who have accepted to support us. However, these gifts are not yet enough to balance our budget.


Your gifts will help pay part of the fees of the professional musicians who will accompany us. All the musicians we have contacted have shown great enthusiasm for our project and are ready to accept the modest fee we are able to offer.


Out of a total budget of 37 000 €, the professional musicians’ fees represent 25 000 €. We still need at least 6,000 Euros to pay for these fees.


The tax authorities have given the Choeur du Luberon the authorisation to grant private donors a tax credit of 66% for individuals and of 60% for companies.gical


Our detailed provisional budget:



Expenses:                                   36, 855.49 €

Rehearsals:                                     2,903.46 €

Musicians's fees:                          24,830.03 €

Concert venues;                              1,800.00 €

Instruments rentals:                         2,420.00 €


Communication:                              2,000.00 €

Revenue :                                        36,855.49 €

Subsidies :                                         3,000.00 €

Donations incl. crowdfunding :         14,470.00 €

Ticket sale :                                      15,000.00 €

Paid by singers :                                3,900.00 €

Reserve fund :                                      485.49 €


Though we need a higher amount, we are asking for 6,000 € to avoid losing the money collected it if the total is not reached. If, thanks to yout generosity, the amount collected is higher than 6,000 €, we will need to find fewer donors to achieve our funding goals.


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