Participez au développement d'Anoly'Sharing (chaîne Chrétienne - Healthy)

Let us care about the well-being and evolution of our dear generation.

Project visual Participez au développement d'Anoly'Sharing (chaîne Chrétienne - Healthy)
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Participez au développement d'Anoly'Sharing (chaîne Chrétienne - Healthy)

WHO are you Anoly'Sharing?

Hey friends! Who am I ? I am an18 years old student in first year of Bachelor in Psychology.

I am passionate about knowing how to take care of ourselves, make life easy, accessible to everyone. 
What makes me so happy is SHARE! Exchange with people! But sometimes there are things that we would like the whole world to hear because it helped us a lot and we think that it could help others too !! How to help others, and sometimes unknown people ...?


What do you mean ? Tell me MORE about your project ?! 

In few words, I have a YouTube channel for a few months (you have the link  to check what I've already done), and I really want to make it grow and evolve. Originally my videos are for addressed at students ...

WHY ..??

We all know that student life is not the most obvious thing to live. At the beginning of the last school year, many questions crossed my mind like: How to organize my time? What are my priorities ? Will I succeed ? Will I be able to live alone? What will I eat ? What will be my social life? etc ... To answer all these questions I was lucky to receive wonderful encouragement, support, help from my entourage more or less close.

The questions that followed all this were: WHY TO KEEP WHAT I RECEIVED ONLY FOR ME? Maybe I should share it? Maybe it could help others ?! So I started !!


This part is a little more intimate and delicate but I still want to share it because it is part of my project!

I also had questions like: How to share my faith in my college ? Am I going to have friends with whom I can share my love for God? AND if so how to do it correctly? Am I daring to be comfortable enough to talk about this subject ...?

Youtube is a wonderful way to advise, to testify, to tell ... to say in an artistic way how God has changed my life, and what place He have in my life.


It’is these passions that make me want to persevere, to evolve, to making grow my channel! On the other hand it’s difficult to make the professional thing without the material that goes with ...

That's why I'm calling to you today. In order to be able to share more and more qualitative things on my YouTube channel, I will need your help because all this material is not given or free.    

So I would like to tell you that: if you like the project and want to support it and see the fruit of this request - Feel free to participate as much as you want!

Allocation of funds

To realize qualitative videos, I need qualitative material ... We know that the quality has a cost  ...

I have to be very transparent with you about my potentially purchases with this quest :

- Camera : Lumix G7 (600 - 800 euros)

- Camera stand : Manfrotto (120 euros)

- Lights : Halo (150 euros) 

- Microphone : Rode (120 euros) 

- Editing software : 100 euros 

- Steadycam : 150 euros 

The objective is to buy the materiel as soon as possible, in the coming weeks and months, I am extremely impatient guys !! 

--> If the amount collected exceeds the goal (Why not? Let's dream together), there are accessories that could make my Instagram more "professional" - I also plan to buy a camera for Vlog ... and a lot of others ideas ! 


The desire to realize one of my dreams gives me a lot of motivation! Your participation will help me to realize it. 

The only word that I can tell you is THANK YOU for your interest and your potential participation.  

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